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School Grounds and Rules

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School Grounds and Rules
Basic School Information

The school accepts students aged 11-18
Years 1-3 are considered like an American middle school. These students are simply called underclassmen.
Years 4-7 are similar to American high school. Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors.

The school has begun a limited university program that allows older students to stay on and continue advanced magical studies.

Dresden Academy accepts foreign exchange students, but encourages them to be fluent in English. Exchange students stay for one year and are submitted to a curriculum similar to that of their own school (which sometimes puts them ahead or behind one year in a particular subject).

Most students receive their letters in the summer before they'd begin school (between ages 10 or 11). The cut-off date for age is November 30th (so if a student turns 11 before November 30th they can begin that year).
Basic Layout
The school is comprised of several buildings and an extensive parcel of land. Most buildings are accessibility conscious in their design (with ramps and elevators, extra wide doors). Other provisions will be made for any students with different abilities.

The school is relatively isolated from the surrounding community. As such the students are cut off from most muggle conveniences. Students are given precise lists of supplies to bring to school. Once monthly weekend trips are arranged to St George's Way; a little village higher up in the mountains with a plethora of distractions, but students must sign up to go in advance and have signed permission slips.

Dresden relies on the student population to maintain the school. They do not hire cleaning staff for the dorms and have minimal auxiliary staff to maintain the grounds, cook meals, and maintain educational facilities. Students are doled out chore days in which they are responsible for a series of tasks (such as putting chairs on desks so the staff can clean the floor quicker, or cleaning their dorm bathroom).
School Term
Like most American schools, Dresden term starts in September (the week after labor day) and ends in late June with a long summer break in between. There are several smaller vacations interspersed throughout the year: Columbus Day (4 day weekend), Thanksgiving, Winter Holiday Break, Mid-winter Break, Spring Break. Arrangements are made for international or long distance students who cannot travel home over long breaks.

Gameplay will be relatively real time. We can play non-school stuff over breaks, long-distance threads and the like.

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Dresden Hall
The main hall containing the health facilities, the dining hall, a grand ballroom, the theatre (and accompanying studio theatre), a gymnasium, and the faculty and headmaster's offices. Some faculty, like the potions master, maintain their offices closer to their classrooms.

Maple Hall
Contains all the classrooms for the underclassmen and some offices for professors.

Mulholland Hall
The learning center. It is equipped with a library, computer lab (for those muggle minded individuals), individual study rooms (Carrels), and a study lab for students who need a little extra help. There is also a small student store here for last minute supplies should a student run out, as well as school related gear (Dresden sweatshirts, pins, and even bumper stickers for mom and dad's brooms).

Oak Hall
Contains all the classrooms for the upperclassmen and some offices for professors.

Student Dorms
Have their own page: here.

The T. S. Putnam Memorial Lab
An extended lab for Herbology studies.

Washington Row
A cluster of small, comfortable homes for faculty who do not want to commute.
The Quidditch and Quodpot pitches are at the very back edge of the property and hidden from prying eyes by sight shields that work year round.

There is another set of fields for muggle sports, which are popular among muggle born students. These include a football/soccer/lacrosse field surrounded by a track, a two net tennis court, and a baseball diamond.

There is no swimming pool, as Lake George is nearby.

St George's Farm is a large swathe of school land turned into a garden that is worked by students (some who volunteer and some who are punished). Much of the school's seasonal produce comes from St George's Farm and has made the school more sustainable than some of its counterparts in the country. There is also a decent sized greenhouse nearby.
Rules of Conduct for Students
Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting a school for magical edification.
Varies by house and age group. Curfew is 9 pm for 1-3 years, 11 pm for 4-7 years. University students have no curfew, though they are expected to observe quiet hours (which begin officially at 9pm). At curfew students must be in their dorm building. The house parent may determine if curfew pertains to being in their individual rooms and/or if common areas are off limits.
Students who do not conduct themselves well will be awarded detention. Detentions result in being assigned extra chores, or the chores no one signs up for voluntarily.

* Whether or not students get caught in their behavior is at your discretion, however be reasonable (a fight in the middle of the hallway will get broken up quickly, a fight in the woods might go unnoticed). Typical punishment for fighting is 1 week of detention, getting caught having sex might put you on house arrest for a week (can't leave your dorm room after school hours) and a lecture from the school doctor, and so on. If you're not sure, ask a mod.

As a side note: getting caught doing bad things makes for plot and scenes to play out. If you repeatedly skirt by with your characters not getting in trouble what's the fun? Where's the conflict?
Dress Code
School dress code must be adhered to during school hours (7:00am until 3:10pm).

Dresden was the first American school to remove wizarding robes from the every day wardrobe, though they are still preferred in potions class and when the weather is very hot or very cold (as they can be charmed to cool or heat the body).

Pants and skirts are black or gray and of an appropriate length. Jeans are not allowed during class hours. Ties or scarves are worn in the primary house color around the neck. Shirts may be black or white. Shoes may be black, gray, or white.

Preferred Women's Uniform | Preferred Men's Uniform
Students may have their familiars in their dorm room with them provided that they are A) small B) harmless - this is debatable C) well kept.

Snakes in terrariums are okay. Cats in a dorm room are okay (we'll assume the bathrooms have litter boxes). Big dogs are not okay. Elephants are totally not okay. Again, if you're not sure ask a mod.

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