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Wizarding Community and Outside Locations

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Wizarding Community and Outside Locations

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Community and Locations
Wizarding Community
The League of American Wizards (LAW): similar to the Ministry of Magic. Located in Washington DC.

New York Association of Wizards (NYAW): a smaller body governing NY wizards, sort of like a branch office of LAW. Located in Albany, NY.
Outside Locations
Burnham City: A fictional city set somewhere in NY state. Moderately sized, it's a bustling center of commerce and activity. There are a fair share of tall buildings in the center of the city, including an 11 story apartment building (among other apartment buildings, but this is the tallest). There are two universities, one just outside of the city (a mostly closed, prestigious campus: Heaton University) and one inside the city located in several buildings (Burnham University). There is a mass transit system in place, buses and cabs and a small subway system. The law firm of Westerveldt & Parrish is located here and has a secret division devoted to wizarding law.
St George's Way
A set of shops lines the sleepy village of St George's Way. Tucked away in the mountains it is a magical sanctuary for wizards living in the Adirondack Park and students at Dresden Academy.

Apple's Sweets: A sweetshop comparable to Hogsmeade's famous Honeydukes.

Bard's Inn: A pleasant little inn on the edge of the Way, overlooking Lake George. It's bigger on the inside and can cater many guests (often hosting parents for special school events). Run by the vivacious Octavia Bard.

Cafe Sur Le Lac: A small cafe with outdoor seating on the patio in the warmer months, and a second floor deck that's weatherproofed.

Oglethorpe's Outdoor Emporium: For all your outdoor and sporting needs.

Pennyworth Brewers: A shop for all your potions needs. Sells ingredients, cauldrons, and potion books.

Scríbhneoir: A shop for all your writing needs. Sells quills, ink, inkpots, scrolls, etc.

Stark's Wands: One of the premier wandshops of the Northeast. Owned by the Stark family time out of mind. Lael Stark deals in the common cores, but dabbles in more unique ones and has occasionally crafts wands with dual cores. His daughter Pepper has a talent for matching wands with witches and wizards on the first or second try.

St George's Pub: A little pub tucked away in St George's Way. Serves the adult population of Huletts Landing.

The Test Lab: A shop along the way; items for sale include owner Jacob De Vries's inventions, specimens and mounted animals, skulls and skeletons, and odd and hard to find books and potions. The middle floor is a combination workshop, experimental test area and alchemy/potions laboratory, but this is not open to the public.
Other Magical Schools
North American Schools

British Columbia, Canada: Victoria College of Sorcery
California, USA: Pacific Coast Institute for Magic
Georgia, USA: The Blue Ridge School for Witchcraft and Wizardry
Illinois, USA: The Prairie School for Magical Learning
Mexico City, Mexico: La Escuela de la Magia del Sol. Spanish speaking school.
Montana, USA: Big Sky Magic Institute
New York, USA: Dresden Academy
Quebec City, Canada: L'Ecole Royal. French speaking school.
Texas, USA: Los Alamos Magic Academy

North American Universities

Nevada, USA: Battle Mountain University (known for their auror training facilities)
Georgia, USA: Blue Ridge University
Michigan, USA: Wolf Lake College of Law
Mississippi, USA: Sylvarena College of Herbology and Creatures
New York, USA: Dresden University (limited program)
Virginia, USA: Chesapeake Bay Charm School
Washington, USA: The University at Conconully (known for their program for mediwizard/witch training, among their other various degrees)

International Schools

Cape Town, South Africa: The Academy for Magical Advancement
France: Beauxbaton's Academy of Magic. All girls school.
Jamaica: The Queens School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Scotland: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
Undisclosed Location: Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning. All boys school.

This will be added to as we play and discover locations
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