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Wands and Cores

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The Basics
Please consult the HP wand wiki when choosing a wand for your character.

Wands are comprised of wood, have a length and flexibility and may have one or two cores.

The wand should suit the wizard/witch. It can be a family heirloom, brand new, or second hand.

Please be sure to research the wood you choose for reasonable availability and characteristics/lore. Length is between 7 and 15 inches and is largely arbitrary; the length may have some special meaning to the wizard/witch given that numbers are very powerful, but this is often unknown to even the user.

Flexibility can include*: bendy, brittle, flexible, inflexible, pliable, rigid, springy, sturdy, supple, swishy, unyiedling, whippy. It's partially an inherent quality of the wood the wand is made of, but also a quality of the wand itself, its movement in a user's hand that reflects on the wand's character.

*All of these qualities are described in the HP books. Others may be added at moderator discretion.
There are several wandmakers in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The one closest to Dresden is Stark's Wands located in St. George's Way. Lael Stark does most of the wand crafting. His daughter Pepper crafts custom wands as well as pairing wands with users (usually on the first or second try).

If you'd like to add a wandmaker contact the mod.
Cores would include any core available in HP, more creative cores (from other HP flora and fauna) are available pending mod approval. Wands may have one or two cores (called a dual core).

Alihotsy: The leaves of this plant can induce hysteria. This core usually seeks out mischief makers.

Augurey Tail Feather: The Irish Phoenix: it's cries were thought to foretell death, but in fact only foretell rain. This core is powerful for divination.

Billywig Stinger: The Billywig's sting causes giddiness and levitation. This core is excellent with charms. It often seeks out fun loving creatures.

Boomslang Venom: The Boomslang is a poisonous snake who can camouflage itself. The venom makes a challenging and deviant core that's excellent for transfiguration.

Chimera Scale: The Chimera is a monstrous-fire breathing creature with the body of a lioness and a tail the ends in a snake's head and a goat's head arising from the center of the spine. Though powerful cores treasured for their raw power, they are rare creatures and hard cores to come by.

Clabbert Horn: A monkey-frog that moves with grace and changes color to warn for danger. This core is excellent for transfiguration.

Doxy Wings: Doxies are fairy-like creatures, but more mischeivous and dark. They are venomous and somewhat nasty and when the wings or venom is used as a core it would provide a boost to jinxes and hexes.

Dragon Heartstring: Fire breathing and very dangerous creatures. This core doesn't work with subtlety. It seeks out challenging folks.

Erumpent Hide: Erumpents are large African beasts, resembling Rhinos. they are powerful creatures with a thick hide that is able to repell charms and curses, making it desirable as a wand core. Working with Erumpents is dangerous though and the hide is not always the most stable of cores, often exploding just like the creatures they are taken from.

Fairy Wings: Fairies appear as miniature humans with insect wings. They have little intelligence, and are vain and quarrelsome. The use of their wings as a core is usually to temper the less-desirable properties of a second core, as on their own they are weak and unreliable.

Fire Crab Shell Fragment: Fire crabs have jeweled shells and can shoot fire from their posterior. This core is becoming harder to find since the fire crab has been placed on the endangered magical creatures list as vulnerable.

Griffin Feather/Fur: Griffen's are part eagle, part lion and they often symbolize protection and majesty. The griffen feather (or fur) is an excellent ward against curses and hexes and lends a natural boost to protective/shielding spells.

Hippogriff Feather: A stubborn, headstrong core that demands respect from its user. Wands with this core are very strong when mastered, though difficult at nearly every turn during the learning process.

Jarvey Fur: Small ferret like animals that can speak, however their speech consists solely of insults and expletives. This core tends to gravitate toward mouthy individuals who are unafraid to speak their mind. It's especially adept at curses and hexes.

Jobberknoll Feather: This little bird makes no noise it's entire life until the moment of death in which it exudes one long cry consisting of every sound it's ever heard. This core is excellent for spells concerning memory.

Mallowsweet: An herb used by centaurs to focus their stargazing abilities. This is most typically used as a dual core to sharpen the focus of another core. It retains some of its own ability to enhance divinatory skills.

Phoenix Tail Feather: A bird which can be reborn in flames. This core is powerful and hard to counter when a spell is cast correctly. This core seeks out the brave.

Unicorn Hair: Gentle, beautiful creatures known to be peaceful and innocent. This core is best for charms. It often seeks timid individuals, or those with hearts of gold.
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