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Dresden Rules
1. Be awesome.
2. Keep drama to a min. If you can't resolve something between yourselves speak to a mod.
3. Play the plots you want, when you want.
4. No character limit. You may have multiple characters on one journal; just label posts so it's clear which character is writing.
5. Spelling and Grammar. Please use spell check.
6. You must be 18 years or older to play. This is because there may be adult content in the game.
7. Godmodding, power playing: don't do it. You are in control of your characters and your characters alone.
8. Player knowledge is not the same thing as character knowledge. Please keep this in mind when playing.
9. The OOC community is there for a reason. Try to keep OOC comments there and off the game community.
The font is too small!
There's a neat little trick that works with most web browsers. Hold ctrl and press + or - to adjust. It'll expand (and conversely drop) the font size (and everything else).

How do you label posts?
For the most part we follow the W's (who, when, where, what) and slap on a rating. Ratings are simply to note if it's SFW (safe for work) or NSFW (not). You can add other notes (for violence or sexual content if you feel the need; you can skip any NSFW posts if you're unsure and not into reading it). Foul language but no other dirty content could probably rate it a SFWish (which is somewhere between the two ratings).

Do I have to play a student?
No, if you like you can play an adult member of the local community of St. George's Way (though a majority of game events occur at the school and are centered on students). You may be able to adopt a faculty member as your own (or create a new one), but you must speak with a moderator first.

How do character journals work in game?
Character journals should be written in first person, present tense prose. Posts can be marked private or friends locked in the subject line (but please leave the actual post public so that other players can read even when not logged in) and "characters" will only be able to read what's open to them. The first post should be your characters bio. Long posts should be placed under an lj-cut. If you're not sure how to do something, ask a mod.

How do NPCs work in game?
NPCs are usually Non-player characters. In this game they are family members of the students, or other people involved in their lives. They don't need a full application (though they do need a little info, submitted HERE) and can be played as part of the character's journal (or you can have another player play them to help you with story). They won't have their own tag on the community or be an integral part of big plots, but they can help round out your character's story lines.

How does the faculty journal work?
Players will be given the faculty journal password on request and can use it to play as any of the established faculty. If there is interest some faculty may be adopted as full time characters.
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