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Dresden Mod Journal ([info]dresdenmod) wrote,
@ 2011-04-07 09:52:00

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The Basics

Dresden Academy is a role playing game for as many players as we see fit. It will take place over a few months and has no intentional end date. If we decide to stop playing the game will end. Plot is open ended. Characters may have their own agendas. As a group of players we tend to be organic in our play. We do not typically use pre-made story lines; generally we allow plot to happen as we develop our characters.

This game is physically set in Huletts Landing near Lake George, New York. It is metaphysically set in the Harry Potter Universe.

We will only play Original Characters (and no characters based on or related to HP canon).

Mostly this is a high school/early college sort of game. We might have monthly events (dances, trips to St. George's Way, etc.), or overarching plots if there's demand. At the moment most plot will be player generated.

The Story Not Yet Revealed

There is an undercurrent of political shift at Dresden. Jillian and Irene Hulett have been quietly tussling for control of the school. Jillian, the current headmistress is entirely unaware of the machinations which her sister may launch to wrest her position from her. Should Irene take over the faculty will experience a tremendous shuffle (and possibly stricter guidelines) which will certainly trickle down to student life. There may be even further reaching implications to how the school is run and future curriculum, endangering the university program and unconventional subjects. This plot will probably develop further in the 2011-2012 school year.

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