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February 9th, 2011

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07:17 am - Huh?

I've abandoned the notion of making this journal a theatrical blog, having found another purpose for it, a mildly urgent one considering the visible ill health of another provider.

Why is my site review blog named The Void? As I've tried to develop my own style, I think that my use of negative space has been one of the more effective changes that I've put in place, and that thought suggested the name.

This will, in part, be a metablog, on which I comment on what I'm doing on the Void(hence the name) and other review sites.


The comments above originally posted to a blog of mine entitled "Stumbling into the Void" on Wednesday, February 20, 2008 at 4 pm. My Stumbleupon blog has since been renamed "Practice Sessions", in part, because having the name of one of my blogs being a string within the name of another one of my other blogs seemed kind of lame.

This site has become a temporary resting place of sorts for Stumbling into the Void - let's say it's SITV in beta. Tribe has become extremely unsatisfactory as a host, experiencing far too much downtime and being much too troll friendly, with little functionality as a blogging platform even when it is working. I needed a new place for my posts. The service would have to be one whose feed included the entirety of one's posts, which would seem to eliminate almost every service other than, Blogger and Xanga. This was necessary so I could run my posts on my Tribe profile, without the Tribe profile looking strange. What I wanted was for the profile to look as much as it did before the change, as possible, so much so that one would barely notice that anything had changed at all.

At the time of this writing, has been down for a month, and given earlier announcements of impending bankruptcy, would seem to have entered the dead pool. I already have blogs at Blogger, so by elimination, that leaves us with Xanga, and so here it is - within limits. We still have the issue of the user not being able to choose the name for his own blog, leaving us with the shoddy looking title you see above, if you're viewing this on Xanga: josephdunphy's Xanga Site.

I'm never going to view any site on which I have that kind of unreasonable limitation on my creative freedom as being anything other than a sandbox, as I currently understand the term. I'll play around with the blog a little, probably leaving the original posts here, but when the blog gets going and takes on that personality of its own that I've been speaking of - I'll find a host with more functionality, and move the action over there. This might not be for a while, but eventually, that is what I will do, assuming that I continue on with this blog.

The next two posts will be reposts from my soon to be shut down tribe blog, and then new material will follow.

Posted to Xanga on Friday, November 21, 2008 at 12:41 am



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