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Ally «my eyes are on you yeah» ([info]kickawesome) wrote,
@ 2008-05-06 10:09:00

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Current mood: bouncy
Entry tags:gj

[GJ] Red knight going down, down down down...
As was just pointed out to me, GJ has started deleting entries on journals. There wasn't an announcement or anything (not like there EVER was) but I've also observed this happening when I just went back to check some old journals.

So, if there is even the slightest chance there's something on GJ you want to save and you haven't done so already...you may want to do that. If the post(s) still exist, that is.

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2008-05-06 04:13 pm UTC (link)
what? GJ? what is this...gee jay of which you speak?

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2008-05-06 04:20 pm UTC (link)

Time to start saving some of my favorite RPs, then.

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2008-05-06 04:22 pm UTC (link)
It's epically lame. :[

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