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Ally «my eyes are on you yeah» ([info]kickawesome) wrote,
@ 2008-08-09 10:53:00

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[Fic] Jonas Ackerly
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Jonas Ackerly

Red Faith Star Yes Beginning
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Characters: Jonas Ackerly/Kobe Catchlove
Word Count: 805
Rating: R
"Oy! Ackerly, you have yourself another bird!"

Jonas sighed and mouthed an apology to the young witch in front of him. He smiled when she giggled before he handed off her quill and signed photo. Clearing his throat, Jonas scratched at his hair and turned to the security wizard who'd called to him.

"I'm sorry, love, but--" Jonas's monotonous, dismissive attitude dropped off abruptly when his gaze landed on the "groupie." The sight of her made his mind grind to a halt. His mouth hung agape as his eyes boggled at what she was wearing. Upon regaining his ability to speak, "She's good!," Jonas called out to the security wizard and gave him a terse nod.

Kobe smirked as she approached. "You'd think they'd know me by now," she said and shot a triumphant look back over her shoulder.

"He must be struck as dumb as I am," Jonas said quietly as he dragged her into an embrace. He tilted his chin up to press a soft kiss to her mouth -- the heeled, knee-high boots she wore made her a bit taller than him. Her arms wrapped his neck as he pulled back to take-in another view of her simple, cherry red wrap dress and tan leather boots. "Look at what you're wearin'!"

"Trying to make go mad in front of the ickle ones, you minx?," Jonas asked with a sly arch of one eyebrow. Kobe's nails bit into his arms, which made Jonas's pulse run frantic.

"I don't care about them," she said with a pout. A wry grin pulled at her lips. "Green Room?"

The suggestive upturn in her voice was arousing. Jonas gave her a smug, lopsided smile. He wanted to scoop up Kobe and cart her off, but settled for a slow, deep kiss that made him momentarily forget that they had onlookers. He lost himself in the taste of her and her warmth -- wondering why he found himself in her presence so seldom and randomly. It was maddening.

Jonas's face was flushed when the kiss finally broke. Heaving for breath, he gave the lingering fans a dazed glance and apologetic wave. Kobe's arms fell from his shoulders. She gave his hand an insistent tug, making him stumble forward, as she started walking. A sheepish smile was on his face when he turned to follow after her, shoving his free hand into his jeans' pocket. Jonas then took to lead and made a beeline for the club's backstage hang out.

The Green Room inhabitants were acknowledged with nothing more than a quick glance to make sure Kobe's brother was absent. Jonas made a left turn into an empty side room with a couch. Pivoting, he traded smirks with Kobe and gently yanked her to himself for a kiss as he backed into the room. Jonas slapped the door closed behind them and tripped the lock. They didn't make it to the couch.

Kobe gasped when Jonas planted her to the nearest wall and nipped at her collar bone. She moaned softly and tilted her chin as his mouth made 'O's against her skin, kissing his way up to her jaw. Fingers dug into his chest and shoved downward. Her hands gave the hem of his shirt an insistent tug. Jonas thrust his hips against her as he arched back to peel off the t-shirt and toss it away. Kobe purred in approval and bit down on her bottom lip. Jonas grunted and grinned lazily when her nails scratched at the taunt skin of his abdomen.

Jonas used his upper body to press her back against the wall and rolled his hips. The harsh fabric of his tight jeans caught on her dress; Kobe's whimper sent a pang of want through Jonas. He gripped her bare, right thigh and tugged her leg up to wrap around his waist. The heel of her boot dug into the back of his thigh. Kobe snaked an arm around his shoulders and arched her body against his. Jonas was startled when her dress rode up and hot, moist skin brushed over his belt line.

Kobe coyly tickled his jaw and Jonas roughly kissed her, flicking his tongue beneath her lower lip. His fingers raked over the skin of her thigh and paused on her knee. He panted anticipation as his hand slid higher until his fingers were beneath her dress. He brushed over bare hip twice before he suddenly gripped at her to press his thumb into the sensitive spot above her jutting pelvic bone. He collapsed against Kobe, bracing his free hand to the wall. His forehead found the crook of her neck. Her nails bit into his bare back. He groaned and felt her smile against his ear.

Kobe wasn't wearing knickers. This woman was going to be the death of him.
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Characters: Jonas Ackerly (mention of Kobe Catchlove)
Word Count: 705
Rating: PG-13
The din within St. Mungo's was erratic and disorienting. Several charms had been cast to stifle the bulk of the noise, but no hospital -- not even a wizarding one -- could be silenced after a mass disaster. Still, it was idyllic in comparison to the previous night.

Friday night had been a circus -- a morbid, traumatizing circus. No one in their right-mind would have wanted to be there as a patient, let alone a visitor. Jonas had lied so he could stay in the hospital after he was released, and it wasn't due to his now heavily bruised but not broken ribs -- it was so he could sit there, with a witch he barely knew (didn't know at all, actually), until her real family arrived.

For now, he was "the cousin."

Jonas was shocked when the staff had allowed him stay, with the single stipulation that he change into clean clothes. Since then, he'd kept to himself and rarely left his quiet vigil at Kobe's side. The healers weren't certain of when she'd wake up or if she'd wake up. Her head trauma was extensive and she'd taken enough much damage to her lower body that they were saying she might not be able to walk. She was critical, to say the least. Only family members and close relatives were allowed to be with her, under supervision. No actual family members had shown up, yet, and Jonas knew it wasn't for lack of want; the Catchloves had taken on several casualties in the wake of the tornadoes and the London earthquake.

For the last hour, Jonas had kept his head bowed with his forehead resting against cool metal of the bed railing. He gently clasped one of Kobe's blanched, frail hands between his own. He kept a shoulder rolled so the nurses couldn't see his mouth moving. He knew they wouldn't understand what he was doing, and they would toss him out on his head for interfering with the work of the healers. He didn't fault them for their ignorance. The words he whispered were not from the magic world; they were from the Muggle world -- a prayer.

Geoffrey and Cheryl Ackerly had their son christened in a Roman Catholic church when he was only ten weeks old. Jonas was raised, thereafter, in the church. He'd been baptized on more than one occasion and as a child, begged for God's forgiveness for things he could not explain. The arrival of his Hogwarts letter had shaken the family and Jonas's faith, but it was his decision to attend the school of Wizardry. More than a decade had since past. While his beliefs had changed dramatically over the years, Jonas still embraced his faith -- albeit on a much more free-flowing level than his family's church.

It was at times like these that Jonas was thankful for having God to talk to. He was delirious from lack of sleep -- insomnia caused by the haunting and painfully vivid recollection of Kobe's near-death outside of Florean's on Friday. He begged for the Lord to save her from death's grasp, and to forgive him for unwittingly leading her into that trap. If she woke, he planned to also beg for forgiveness for having ulterior motives in his desire for her to awake.

Jonas had known Kobe before now -- or at least knew of her -- but had never found the right moment to approach her. To him, it'd be rude to hit on your friend's sister at said friend's gig. He'd spotted her at every For the Love of Zeus show, too, but she always buggered off afterward. Getting her to meet him and the band at Florean's for a short set had been a brilliant plan to finally put the kibosh on their boundaries, but then the world had put the kibosh on them in-turn.

Jonas sighed heavily when he felt fresh tears forming in his eyes, which he squeezed shut. His forehead dropped from the railing and he soundly kissed the back of Kobe's hand. Sniffing, he drew in a shaky breath and launched into The Prayer for the Afflicted once more.

"For those who suffer and those who cry this night, give them repose, Lord; a pause in their burdens."
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Word Count:
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Characters: Jonas Ackerly and Fiona O'Hara
Word Count: 615
Rating: G
Jonas Ackerly was on a mission. He was only twelve, but by Gods, this was a matter of life and death.

All right. It honestly wasn't a matter of life and and death, but it was really, really, really important and that was kind of the same thing, right?


"Hey, Fiona!," Jonas called out, cupping his hands to his face. He stumbled when his heavy knapsack abruptly swung off his shoulder and yanked down one of his bony arms. He grinned when the girl turned toward his voice.

"What?" Fiona huffed defensively and crossed her arms over the chest of her jumper. She was scowling, but that was normal for her -- it also happened to be the exact reason Jonas was on this daring mission.

Jonas pulled his bag onto both shoulders as his short legs carried him over to her. "Do you like feathers?," he earnestly asked, tipping up his chin; she was slightly taller than him.



Who didn't like feathers? This was going to be harder than he'd first thought.

"Mmm," Jonas mused. "Do you like cats?"


"Do you like cookies?"


Honestly, who didn't like cookies? Jonas was astonished; Fiona looked to be getting angry. She was probably going to hit him, soon. Oh well -- it wouldn't be the first time.







Jonas went quiet for a moment before trying tentatively, "Hugs?"

Fiona's expression darkened; Jonas flinched, but kept a smile on his face. He wasn't scared of her. No, sir!

He just didn't like to be hit.

"What do you want?," Fiona asked slowly through a clenched jaw.

"To see you smile!" Jonas brightly replied. Her eyes narrowed.

Yep. He was definitely going to be hit. No question about it. All he could do was smile and take the blow. He knew this mission wouldn't succeed without its fair share of causalities.

"Do you think you're funny, Ackerly?," Fiona all-but growled.

Jonas vigorously shook his head. "Uh-uh. I think you're pretty, though!"

He braced for the swing, but it never came. Fiona blinked in surprise. They traded stares -- him smiling from ear-to-ear, her looking as though she'd just smelled dung -- until she scoffed and turned to walk away. He was devastated.

"I'm sorry I said that you're pretty!," he said in a rush. "I mean, I do think you're pretty, but I shouldn't have said it if you don't want to hear it."

Fiona stopped and dropped her bag off of her shoulder.

Oh, he was going to be hit with a knapsack full of books! This was going to hurt.

"Do you really want to make me smile?" Fiona quietly asked as she turned back to him.

Jonas nodded his shaggy head so fast that it made him dizzy. "I really, really do!" he replied, teetering on his feet.

"Ask me that question, again," Fiona whispered as she approached him. She glanced up and down the empty corridor before her gaze landed on him once more.

"Which question?"

"The one I didn't answer."

Jonas's face screwed up in thought. He didn't understand what she wanted him to ask. The question she hadn't answered... Oh!

He leaned-in close so he could eagerly whisper, "Do you like hugs?"

Fiona face had a light flush to it when she gave him a small grin. "Yes."

Jonas didn't even wait for an invitation and lept forward to wrap his arms around her middle. He was too excited to not want to squeeze her.

"You smiled!" he said joyfully.

Fiona tentatively hugged him back. "If you tell anyone that this happened," she said in a stern whisper, "I will break your nose."
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Characters: Jonas Ackerly/Kobe Catchlove
Word Count: 795
Rating: R
The fist time Jonas heard one of his songs on the Wireless, she was there. They were flirting through a furious competition of "Name That Tune." The stakes were simple: the first to correctly Name That Tune got to choose the location on their body where they wanted a kiss. It was a game that was sure to get out of hand, but neither participant was willing to yield.

Jonas was busy pressing his already swollen lips to the back of Kobe's left shoulder when the opening bars of "Daffodil" by For the Love of Zeus buzzed through the room. He'd performed the song so many times that the sound of it didn't faze him. Granted, the softness of her skin was thoroughly distracting. Either way, he was doomed to lose this round.

"Jonas," Kobe breathed out and put a hand to her shoulder. "It's 'Daffodil,'" she continued in excitement as she turned to him. "Jonas they're playing 'Daffodil!'"

Stunned, Jonas blankly gaped at her and his mouth went dry. His song was on the Wireless. His song was on the Wireless. And the gorgeous woman who had inspired the song was sitting across from him -- her long body flushed and her mussed blond locks flipped to one side -- staring into his face with admiration in her endlessly blue eyes and a smirk on her lips.

He didn't wait for her request for a spot to kiss.

Jonas grinned when he lunged across the couch and pressed his body (and lips) to hers. Kobe fell back against the cushions with a giggle. His hands went to cup her face and his fingers digging into her hair as he smiled into the deep kiss. He hands found his shoulders and tickled the nape of his neck. Jonas felt his body begin to warm as he earnestly kissed her again, and again, and again until he was out of breath.

His face drooped to the crook of her neck, but he kept his weight propped to one side; he didn't want to crush her. Kobe gently petted his hair as he drew shaky breaths. Tears of happiness bit at his eyes. He'd worked so hard for so long and there was no other person he wanted to share this moment with more than her.

A comforting hand found his jaw and forced him to lift his face. Jonas blinked as a few tears slid down either cheek. She was smiling; he was smiling. This moment couldn't be more perfect.

"Congratulations," Kobe announced and jabbed a finger into the chest of his t-shirt.

Jonas hiccuped a laugh. "Thank you," he gratefully replied. "I couldn't have done without you."

"Yes, you could." She smirked, but her tone became serious when she deadpanned, "Things are about to change."

"I know," Jonas said with an indifferent sigh. "I know. But for now..." he his voice trailed off as he licked his full lips. "Where would you like for me to put that kiss?"

Kobe's eyelids slid to half-mast as her grin became lazy. Her fingers drifted behind his ear. "Oh, I want so much more than a kiss," she suggestively purred and took his breath away for, at least, the hundredth time that evening.

"Are you sure, love?" he quietly asked, his hand reaching up curl around the one near his temple.

"Are you?" she echoed with a quirk of one eyebrow.

He grinned. "Abso-bloody-lutely."

"Then, Jonas Ackerly, you have on way too much clothing for my taste," she huffed with a coy pout.

His smirk was lopsided. His hand left hers to slide back and grip her knee, which he pulled up along his side as he settled bac over her. Jonas intended to go slow. If he was making love to Kobe, he wanted to savor every moment.

"You win this round, Miss Catchlove," he breathed against her ear as his hand trailed down her abdomen and underneath the belt line of her jeans.

"Mmmm," Kobe murmured. She arched against his fingers and gave him a lopsided smirk of her own. "Just so you know," she mused, "this is the first time I've shagged a rock star."

Jonas puffed a smile against her collarbone. "Just so you know," he echoed and lifted his eyes to meet hers. "This isn't the first time I've shagged a woman in my songs."

"Ooo, romantic," Kobe sarcastically cracked with a giggle.

Jonas gently bit down on his lower lip and loomed close enough to her face at he could feel her shallow breathing. "But it's the fist time I'll shag the woman that I love more than my own music," he added quietly. Kobe snatched him down into a kiss that made his neck ache until morning.
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Characters: Jonas Ackerly/Kobe Catchlove
Word Count: 1935
Rating: PG-13
Jonas scratched at the short, soft hair of George's jaw. The cat purred appreciatively and successively bumped his forehead, temple, and cheek against Jonas's knuckles. Jonas was happy to have old George there to distract him. Otherwise, he'd be pacing the sitting room of his flat until he'd run trenches into the floorboards. Jonas anxiously glanced at a clock. It was just minutes after 11 o'clock in the morning; Kobe was supposed to be arriving in less than a half-hour.

He could feel the baby grand at his back calling to him to practice the new song one more time, but Jonas knew he was wound tight in anticipation and would fumble through the notes, which would only make him that much more nervous. This would not be the first time he'd performed a song for a girl, or performed a song about a girl to said girl. However, it was the first time he'd be performing for Kobe, alone, and the first time he'd performed this song for an audience of the non-feline variety -- which normally wouldn't be much of a problem, but this was an emotionally-invested song. He was bound to cry, and he hoped he could actually finish it without breaking down, like he had the previous evening as he recalled the moments behind the words.

A quiet knock at his door made Jonas's head jerk toward the sound; she was early. At least, he hoped she was early and it wasn't some random guest that was inadvertently putting him on-edge. George mewed and slid off of Jonas's lap as he stood. Crossing to the door, Jonas glanced down and furiously brushed at the white hairs that clung to his clothes. He checked his breath one last time before he manually unlocked and opened the door. He felt his throat tighten when his eyes landed on her.

Kobe bashfully met his gaze and tucked a lock of blond hair behind her ear. Jonas openly gawked at her; she did the same, in-turn. She looked good -- so damn good. He'd watched her go from death's door and through recovery over the past week. Now, here she was, out of the hospital, standing in his doorway, and looking bloody fitter than fit in causal clothes and no make-up.

Her timid, "Hi," made Jonas realize how long he'd been standing there, dumbly staring at her.

Without a word or clear invitation, Jonas gathered her to himself in an embrace. Arms snapped up around his back and nails bit into his shoulder blades. Kobe pressed her face into his neck. Jonas could feel her erratic breathing on his skin, which made his heart-rate slam faster at the back of his ears. His hand found her face as he dragged his forehead to hers. Kobe kissed him, mid-breath. His eyes boggled before his lids became heavy -- snogging was suddenly the best idea he'd ever heard.

Jonas pressed fast, earnest kisses to her lips -- again and again and again and again -- until he'd drawn in enough breath to latch-on to her mouth. Kobe roughly pushed her face back against his and made him stumble into the door frame. Jonas teetered and pivoted around on his heel to roll his back to the door frame and drag Kobe into the flat. He could feel her pulse fluttering in her neck, and he panted against her lips. Kobe put a hand to his face and kept him from pulling out of the kiss. She was just as excited and nervous as he was -- he could barely handle the thought.

Kobe flinched and her body tensed in his arms when he hugged her middle as he led them away from the door. Jonas released her, realizing he was a complete idiot, and shut the door.

"I'm sorry," he croaked and licked his lips. Her pained expression broke his heart.

Jonas was startled when she threw herself at him, once more. He rocked back and his hands went low on her waist -- beneath where he knew she'd been injured. Kobe brushed her forehead to his as they both glanced down between them. She bit down on her bottom lip and rested her hands against his heaving chest. Cautiously, Jonas gently brushed the back of one hand over her abdomen.

"How--" was the only word he got out before she was kissing him, again. Jonas closed his eyes and licked into her mouth. Her tongue brushed against his and distracted him from what her hands were doing until he felt the fabric of her shirt yank from beneath his fingers.

Kobe broke the kiss and leaned back, keeping her eyes on his, to peel off her top. She dropped the handful of pink fabric to the floor. His gaze dropped down past her bra to see the state of her injuries. Sadness overtook him as he woefully stared at the angry, red scars. He had to look away to keep from sobbing. Kobe's hands were then on his face and bringing Jonas's attention back to her. He blinked back tears as she hushed him.

"They'll fade, Jonas," she whispered. He rolled his lips together and felt his eyes grow hot. Kobe's fingers massaged his shoulders as she stepped forward to embrace him. "They'll fade."

Jonas wrapped his arms around Kobe, just below her bra-line, and buried a kiss in her hair. He drew several rough and nasalized breaths as he clung to her. She was so soft and warm, and somehow, she managed to keep him standing. His knees felt heavy and he was ready to sink down to floor, weeping. The sight of her fresh scars was a whole new world of trauma he hadn't expected. Jonas was not used to this sort of stress. He wanted to kiss and hug away all of her pain, but he knew that wasn't going to happen.

"Do you want to hear your song?," he croaked near her ear. Jonas didn't know how he was going to sing, let alone perform when he was this upset, but it was the only distraction (outside of snogging) that came to his mind. He smiled when she bounced up against him, on the tips of her toes.

"Yes!" Kobe squeaked. She then shyly pressed a smile into his shoulder. "I mean, I'd love to hear it," she sheepishly clarified.

A pang of want hit Jonas in the chest. He leaned back and used his left hand to brush her hair behind either ear. He planted a soft kiss on her forehead, nose, either cheek, her lips, and finally her forehead, once more. "Okay," he breathed; she giggled.

Jonas gently gripped her waist and slowly spun Kobe to hug her back against his chest. "There she is," he whispered against Kobe's ear as he stared at the baby grand piano.

"Ooo," Kobe mused. She pulled away and crossed over to drag her fingers along the polished wood. "Does she have a name?"

Jonas, who was busy tugging his shirt over his head, snorted. "Piano?" he replied with a shrug and tossed his shirt to the couch.

Kobe smirked and toed off her shoes. "Creative," she deadpanned with a raise of her brow and leaned against the piano. She hummed happily when Jonas came over to drop a kiss on her lips. Sincerity crossed into her expression when Jonas grunted in surprise as she pressed a palm to the ribs that he'd broken.

"I'm fine," Jonas said with a shake of his head. He covered her hand with his. "They're tender, but it'll fade."

There was another pang of want in his chest when Kobe jabbed a finger against his sternum and snipped, "Copy cat."

Jonas sheepishly ducked his head and smiled. He took her hand and led her over to the piano bench where they took side-by-side seats. Giving Kobe a lopsided grin, Jonas draped an arm around her bare shoulders when she hugged his middle and pressed a kiss to his neck.

"This is going to be sad, isn't it?" she said with a sigh.

Jonas heaved a sigh of his own and nodded. "Yeah. Are you sure you want to hear it?"

Her hug tightened. "You are so not getting out of this," she said and nipped at his ear. "You have no idea how excited I've been since Saturday."

Jonas chuckled and his tongue stuck out slightly between his teeth as he grinned. His face was flushed. "Well, I guess I have to play it, then." He took his arm off her shoulders and scooted forward. Kobe released him and Jonas cleared his throat, twice. He was nervous. Kobe ran her nails lightly over his back, making him relax.

He puffed out a breath and gave her a smile. "Here goes..." he mused and pumped his foot on a pedal as he tapped out a "D" minor progression.

"Never thought this is where I'd be," he crooned out softly. He felt the emotion already building in his chest and tickling his throat. "Helpless as I wait here alongside your plight..."

Kobe's hand found his thigh and he could see her intently watching him out of the corner of his eye. He drew in a breath.

"Darling, I hope to see your sweet smile, again," he sang and his eyes slid closed. "But I pray," he belted louder and Kobe's nails bit into his jeans. "That you make it through--ough the night."

Jonas drew a shaky breath and banged out the next phrase of chords before his touch on the keys became light, again.

"They say to me that your world is 'touch and go'," he clamped off the "go" early when he felt his voice start to crack. "And that I should prepared to say my goodbyes."

Shifting in his seat to be closer to the piano, Jonas swallowed hard and pumped his foot.

"Oh, doll, won't you prove all these sad words untrue?" He licked his lips. "Please, wake up and tell me not to cry."

Merlin. Here came the tears. Jonas shook his head as he kept hammering out notes.

"She's a dreamer. She's a fighter. She's a princess..."

He stopped playing abruptly to croon out, "If I were a were a prince." He paused for a breath. "I'd be saving her with a kiss."

His knee bounced and the notes picked up again. The nails of both of Kobe's hands were digging into his leg, now.

"Oh, she's a dreamer. She's a fighter. She's a princess."

A soft sob escaped Kobe as Jonas's fingers paused over the keys. He glanced back to her; her lashes were wet and tears were rolling down her cheeks. His eyes were bleary from tears of his own.

"She's beautiful, beautiful..." he sang out to her. He drew a breath. "Sleeping beauty."

Kobe buried her face into his chest as Jonas tapped out the final chords of the song. His foot settled off the piano peddle as he turned to wrap his arms around her shaking form. They held onto each other as he unsuccessfully attempted to hush her sobs and inevitably cried into her hair.

"Kobe," he said quietly as he still clutched her, several minutes later. "I know it's only been a week, but, I'll -- I'll never leave you, if you never leave me."

She lifted her face, which was scrunched somewhere between a laugh and a sob. "Isn't that how all scars work?" she said with a hiccup.

His expression softened and her pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Yeah, love," he sighed. "That they do."
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