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Ally «my eyes are on you yeah» ([info]kickawesome) wrote,
@ 2011-06-30 19:53:00

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Current mood: accomplished

[Code] Table-Free IMDB Mock-Up

Partial Live Example
Jensen Ackles
Actor | Director | Producer
Jensen Ackles was born in Dallas, Texas, to Roger Alan Ackles and Donna Joan Ackles (née Shaffer). After modeling as a young child, he began to concentrate on a acting career in 1996 upon his graduation from Lloyd V. Berkner High School in Richardson, Texas. In 1997, he received a role on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives as Eric Brady... See full bio »
Born: Jensen Ross Ackles
March 1, 1978 in Dallas, Texas, USA
More at IMDbPro »

Contact Info: View agent, manager and publicist
Represent Jensen Ackles? Add or change photos
308 photos | 33 videos | 1195 news articles »
1 win & 4 nominations See more awards »
Known For
Supernatural (2005)
My Bloody Valentine (2009)
Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010)
Smallville (2001)

Full Live Example

The Code (complete page for Jensen)

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