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Kirsten Nordlund ([info]mad_hatter) wrote,
@ 2011-01-23 01:11:00

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Full Name:
Kirsten Astrid Nordlund
Nickname(s): Kirsty
Hometown: Fårö, an island off the coast of Sweden, but her family tends to travel all over.
Age and birthday: 15/April 10, 1995
House and Year: Beauregard/10th
Electives & Schedule:
Period 1 : DADA
Period 2: Charms/Wandwork
Period 3: Potions
Period 4: Herbology
Period 5: Lunch
Period 6: Arithmancy
Period 7: History of Magic
Period 8: Latin
Period 9: Transfiguration
Period 10: Astronomy

Wand: Hawthorn, 9", flexible, with a phoenix tail feather core.
Boggart: herself, completely paralyzed.
Patronus: When she has one, it'll be a dolphin- she loves sea creatures, and like herself, dolphins love the water, playing games, and are helpful, but definitely not harmless.
Animagus Form: N/A
Religious Affiliation: Agnostic theism. She still celebrates Christmas, though.
Extracurricular activities: Quidditch (center chaser), band (saxophone), Muggle Sports, Dueling Club.


Father - Hakan Nordlund, Durmstrang graduate.
Mother - Sarah Nordlund, CCI graduate, former Beauregard.
Siblings: None.
Extended Family: Various grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. A few cousins on her mom's side attend CCI. The rest of her cousins go to Durmstrang or are too old or too young to go to school.
Familiar A snowy owl named Blizzard.
Sexuality: Confused. She's pretty sure she likes boys, but she figures since she's never gone past second base with one, she's not 100% positive. She can't quite define how she feels about other girls, or whether her admiration for Hunter Sommer is a girl-crush or a real crush. She did make out with a girl once last year, but she was drunk and can't really remember if she liked it. Either way, she's not in a rush to decide any time soon. She's got plenty of time.
Significant Others: She's only had one semi-serious relationship that lasted a few months last year, and has gone out on a few dates/made out with a couple of other boys, but nothing serious.

Mae Whitman
Detailed Description: Kirsten is petite, standing at just 5'1", and slender yet athletic, with just a hint of still-developing curves. She has long hair, blonde and straight. She only has one piercing in each ear (though she's thought about getting cartilage piercings) and all her Quidditch playing has given her some scars here and there, one large one on her forearm in particular. She's not embarrassed by it, though, and still wears sleeveless tops. It's pretty faint, anyway.

Her style in clothing tends to be comfortable and casual. Kirsten avoids anything too constricting in her everyday clothing, like long skirts or heels, as she likes to wear clothes she can move around in. Sneakers are a staple of her wardrobe. She doesn't wear much jewelry, but can almost always be seen wearing a hat. She has a huge collection of hats, and some are pretty over-the-top.


Quidditch, swimming, animals, DADA, hats, sunny days, seafood.
Dislikes: Having to sit still for too long, the fact that Quidditch isn't as appreciated in America as it is in other countries, broccoli, Potions, that weird crumbly stuff at the bottom of the bag in a cereal box.
- Fidgets when she has to sit still for too long
- Has a huge collection of hats (including some pretty ridiculous ones, like a huge sombrero and one like the Cat in the Hat wears.)
- Is fluent in both English and Swedish, and has a little bit of a Swedish accent.


- Well, she's still figuring out her sexuality, and she isn't inclined to talk about it until it's figured out. She wouldn't die if anyone found out, she just doesn't feel ready to discuss it just yet.

- Thinks she should have been made seeker of the Quidditch team, but doesn't want to come off as a whiny asshat, and complaining isn't going to change it anyway.

What’s in your characters pockets? Hair elastics and clips, a few pieces of cinnamon candy, some loose change, and some strawberry lip balm.

Strengths: Friendly, helpful, loyal, athletic.
Weaknesses: Can be pretty egotistical about her Quidditch skills, has a tendency to overspend, a little naive, can never keep a clean room.
Strongest subject in school: Arithmancy, DADA
Weakest subject in school: Potions
One thing he/she can't live without: Quidditch

Detailed personality: Kirsten's like a little bundle of energy, unable to sit still for long or stop chattering. She tends to get a lot done with that energy, because when she wants something enough, she puts all she's got into going for it, particularly on the Quidditch field. She loves sports in general, but Quidditch most of all, and is chaser for the school team (though seeker is her favorite position to play). She enjoys watching Quodpot well enough, but feels Quidditch is superior, and is confused by Americans' fanaticism over Quodpot and lack of appreciation for Quidditch.

Because of her family's nomadic lifestyle, Kirsten's comfortable moving from place to place, and her career ambitions reflect that- she wants to be either a curse breaker, or a marine biologist like her parents. Her career choices also reveal her adventuresome nature, which almost got her placed into Rienzi.

Kirsten is very outgoing and kind of a chatterbox. She enjoys joking around and trying to make people laugh. She's generally pretty understanding, and tries her best to see things from other peoples point of view. She's loyal and would do almost anything for her friends, though she's no doormat. In fact, she can be pretty direct when going for what she wants- she doesn't believe in beating around the bush.

This site provides a further glimpse of Kirsten's personality in relation to her astrological sign, Aries.

Beauregard Ariens have an extreme abundance of energy; however, the usual Beauregard tendency to work hard out of duty is modified by the Aries tendency to value play over work. Therefore, expect long periods of playfulness and seeming indolence punctuated by brief, manic bursts of industry. These Beauregards may also be more ambitious and socially aggressive than average, making them clear leaders in their House. Their emotional warmth, open hearts, madcap sense of humour, and quirky independence will endear them to many people, but their naivete makes for easy exploitation by more ruthless sorts of people.

Personal History: Kirsten was born in Fårö, an island off the coast of Sweden, on April 10, 1995 to Sarah and Hakan Nordland. Her father is Swedish, a Durmstrang graduate, while her mother is American, and graduated from the Crescent City Institute. Five years after graduation, Sarah's work as a marine biologist took her to Sweden, where she met Hakan, also a marine biologist. A few years later, they were married, and two years after that, Kirsten was born.

Home for Kirsten didn't always mean one place. Her parents' work took the family to different places, and while they spent most of their time in Sweden, they often lived in other countries for several months at a time. Kirsten was often homeschooled, but occasionally attended school when possible. She didn't mind traveling from place to place at all- she saw each trip as an exciting new adventure, and always made the best of it. She couldn't imagine spending all of her life in one place.

When the time came to get her education in magic, Kirsten's parents decided the harsh atmosphere of Durmstrang wasn't right for her, and sent her to the Crescent City Institute instead. She wasn't exactly pleased about spending most of the year at school, but as always, she adapted quickly, and eventually grew kind of fond of the place. When starting at the Upper Institute, she was almost sorted into Rienzi, but ultimately ended up in Beauregard. Maybe Rienzi was flashier, but she likes the friendly, accepting atmosphere of Beauregard, and is quite happy there. During Kirsten's freshman year, she made the Quidditch team as the reserve seeker. This year, she's moved up to first string, though as a chaser rather than seeker, and is hoping that next year she'll finally get to be seeker.

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