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User:mynameisjonas (31033)
My name is Jonas, I'm carrying the wheel
Thanks for all you've shown us, but this is how we feel
Name:Jonas Ackerly : Musician
Website:Valesco : RPG
Come sit next to me, pour yourself some tea
Just like grandma made when we couldn't find sleep
Things were better then, once but never again
We've all left the den, let me tell you 'bout it
People215:a_bit_twisted, aberfort, adavies, adorkable, advancingly, aheavenlycause, alaspooryorick, alectos, alexandrakis, alongday, amarylliss, amelias, amycus_carrow, andromynous, antonins, augello, auroared, avant, averyavery, babyd, beavertails, beefstick, berkelisms, bestzeller, bigbrother, bigd, bletchleys, bornforthis, braith, bratemius, brighten, brythonichero, cadfan, cantankerous, carmichael, cassandras, catchmelove, catchthislove, cecilias, chasingquixotic, cheese_nammit, chesters, chickidy, clarabella, cockaigne, cockinafrock, conall, conways, coverstory, crazyzora, curador, dagudge, darlingwendy, dawlishes, dev_ious, dinglealltheway, dinglehopper, dirtykirke, docstheword, dodger, eagerbeaver, edgars, eieio, elizaddled, ellsbells, elphias, erinkirked, esp, estellerina, feebees, felicious, felicisfelix, fictitious, fierce, flower, fortunesfool, fredrick, frenzy_franzy, fret, galvinized, gavins, gillant, gimmeabell, glovesmandatory, gogoblins, golddigger, graeme_cracker, greengrasses, greerie, gruffith, happydays, harmonica, hath_no_fury, headbitch, healers_leap, hellkat, hollyharpie, hustlequigg, icarus, iiioans, impossiblecase, impulse, incharge, indigo, ingrids, iseeyoubaby, isthesun, jasons, jasper, jot_it_down, judes, justbeatit, justicebeaver, justjorkin, kinglyauror, kiska, kjbroadmoor, kookoo, littled, llewellyns, lucys, lysdexia, macks, madley, maggiepie, maintains, malcolmite, malengled, maneater, marridgeback, martianmartin, matildas, mattias, mchealer, mckinnons, mcseeker, mctibs, melindicate, mileshigh, mistermoony, momo, mrpopular, mulciber, mullets, mundungus, mycroftic, mymeredith, mynameisjonas, mythomania, narcissist, nastyshock, nicoles, notagrapefruit, notorious, nott_hamilton, obtineo, onecurlyfry, ottothisworld, pantsoptional, parkin, partymonster, patricked, perfectblack, persephones, podmore, primrosepath, priyaranjan, psyked, ralphed, rebeccas, ringmybell, roadkiller, roxannes, sarahs, scamander, sebclicks, shelovesyou, silex, smidge, softwhatlight, spinnets, sportsfan, stageleft, starcrossed, stirring, superbad, supernoah, takeachance, takeyoudown, tambourine, tart, thelibrarian, thembones, thenewstoday, thomases, trpns, tttonks, unhooked, valesco_mods, veevee, veronicas, violetto_phat, vivindicated, wadcock, wavesofjoy, westisbest, willows, willss, winnietakesall, winsome_wizard, woodenfans, xenophilius, zabinis, zloper, zoey
Communities4:valesco, valesco_history, valesco_ooc, valescoing
Account type:Early Free User

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