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User:prettylies (59700)
Name:Hope Fortune

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, but that's alright because I like the way it hurts. Just gonna stand there and watch me cry but that's alright because I love the way you lie. Love the way you lie.
— Rhianna, Love the Way You Lie

asic info
Name: Hope Fortune
Age: 20
DOB: 3/30/1992
Hometown: Aspen, Colorado
Year: Second Year University
House: University
Wand: 10¾" flexible alder with augery tail feathers
Boggart: Her own hands covered in blood
Riddikulus: Faith in a bright pink prom dress
Patronus: It keeps changing form, but in it's most basic, a bird.
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Dark brown
Height and build: 5'7, slim and fit
Fashion: Fitted, expensive, and preppy.

elationships & Family
Parents: Jacob and Cheska Fortune
Siblings: Faith and Chastity
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Significant other: Her boyfriend is in jail so she's friends with all the boys secretly
Hope was always the dream child. From her earliest years she did everything her parents told her and never had to be punished. She was exceptionally bright and cheerful, she got on with nearly everyone and was easy to be around. A naturally happy child, she had no problem making friends and becoming popular.

It wasn't until she got older that she learned how to manipulate people. The game changed. It wasn't about who was the most be cheerful and prettiest, it was about getting what she wanted just like her other friends. She let that change her. She started using sex as a tool to get what she wanted and recently what's she wanted was to be numb.

Though high school saw a big change in Hope, the biggest was when she started University. Hope is a bit of a mess but she's a well put-together, classy as she can be mess. She's closed herself off emotionally and hides behind the perfect guise she's created for herself over the years. She's more socially and politically minded than the other students her age. She's done an exceptional job of keeping her secret double life under wraps through bribery and sweet talk. She has a reputation to uphold even if she does it begrudgingly. She just wants to put out the best image as possible and hide as many skeletons as she can. Hope does everything she can to keep the utmost control in her life, from her carefully controlled facial expressions to the subtle gestures she uses.

Underneath it all though, there is an extreme guilt. With two lives ruined already, she's struggling with depression and despite how well she's been able to keep up her sunny disposition to others, every morning is a struggle to get out of bed. She feels hollowed out but she just keeps going, hiding behind a bottle and under the bed sheets. For all the world though, she's a perfect, pristine young woman.
Hope, being born the oldest, always felt like she should be the leader of her sisters. Unfortunately, as they grew older, she began to realize that her and Faith had so little in common, the girl was practically a lost cause. Hope had always been bright and was an exceptionally beautiful child. It was no wonder that she got sorted into Quirank once she started Blue Ridge. On her freshman year she made the cheerleading squad and one year later was the captain. She was perfect and she only dated the best boys.

Highschool changed Hope. She went from the happy, cheerful girl to something of a spoiled, bitter monster child. She got what she wanted and she got it when she wanted it. She wanted to stay two steps ahead of the girls in her grade so she did everything she could do be the best. She lied, manipulated, worked, and slept her way to the top.

Hope had only had a two boyfriends in her years at the upper academy at BR. Abram Starikov was her first serious boyfriend back when he was a perfect star athlete. They were like high school's power couple and the world wept when they split. They mutually decided that it just wasn't working out. Her junior year she started dating a boy named Channing Williams. Channing was another one of those perfect high school jocks whom her parents adored but he was more. He was willing to give up everything for her. Channing was the reason she started to turn herself around.

On the night of their graduation from Blue Ridge Academy, Channing and Hope laid out under the stars, enjoying the view one last time before they started University. While laying there, Channing told her that he wasn't complete without her and asked her to promise that they would be together forever. She promised and for the first time in four years she felt herself turning back to the girl that used to frolic happily through the hallways.

That was the last night that wouldn't be haunted by strange visions. For weeks after graduation she kept seeing her own hands covered in blood and despite the fact that she stayed in and refused to go out. Nothing changed, the visions still came. Channing had noticed the difference in her though, she wasn't going to parties, she wasn't answering her phone when her friends called, she didn't even go to the mall. He hated the worry and stress that had consumed her and assumed that it was because of the change in school that was coming. He finally convinced her to get out of the house for a weekend.

She didn't want to go to the party, there was something telling her that she just shouldn't go but Channing insisted. After the party started to get going, Hope lost track of her worries. They had a few too many drinks but she wasn't freaking out anymore, and she thought maybe they would be just fine. Around two o'clock in the morning most people were either passed out or completely in their own world, not really noticing anything else around them, that was when Hope and Channing snuck off together. They weren't alone though.

A drunken party goer had followed them into the woods. He watched, like a creeper, while Channing and Hope made out in the woods. After a while Channing left to relieve himself, promising to be right back. As soon as he had disappeared into the woods, the drunk kid silently snuck up on Hope, he covered her mouth and forced her to lay down on the ground. He laid on top of her but he didn't get much further than that. Hope, panicking, grabbed a large stick off the ground and smashed him in the head with it. Even though the first knock got him pretty good, the adrenaline was still running and she smashed him in the head again, then again, and again for good measure. He fell onto her fully, bleeding all over. She pushed him off but when he didn't move she began to panic. A choked scream escaped when she realized what she had done. Although being a creeper and attempted rape is considered illegal, it's not a justifiable reason to kill someone.

By the time Channing had run back to the clearing, Hope was covered in the boy's blood, still clutching the stick, and having a full blown panic attack. She was sure she had just thrown her life away. One hit. One hit would have done what she needed it to do but she went overboard. She was trying to pull it together but hysteria had taken over and all she could do was fall apart. Channing had a plan though. He told her to go clean up and he would take care of the rest. He called 911 and turned himself in while she was cleaning herself up in the little stream. He told her not to worry and to just go with it, the only difference between the truth and the story was that he came back in time to whack him in the head and accidentally kill him.

Steve Bishop. He was about to be a Shenandoah senior at Blue Ridge in the fall until a few foolish decisions ended his life that night. She hadn't even known his name until the court proceedings. Channing didn't deny anything except Hope's involvement. He received a 5-10 year sentence. By the end of the summer was locked up in Fort Nox.

Hope returned to school in the fall, everyone was sympathetic but they were expecting the girl they knew in highschool, almost demanding her. Within the first week of classes, she was getting dragged around to parties and introduced to new guys. Her friends were certain that she needed a new life, a new beginning after the summer. Regardless of their attempts, her heart was locked away from everyone and that's the way she would keep it. Soon she was drinking to numb, drinking to forget, and screwing around.

Hope feels even worse when she goes to visit Channing in secret. After her visits with him, she usually goes into about a week long downward spiral. Discretion is something she takes seriously because despite the fact that she no longer cares about herself, she doesn't want to disappoint her parents.

She did well her first semester at University despite the obvious problems and continued on to her second year in the same fashion as her first. She still sneaks around and feels guilty about it, then goes right back to the bottle because it makes her feel just a little bit better.
Schools:None listed
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Member of:3: blueridgeau, blueridgeooc, blueridgeschool
Account type:Early Free User

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