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September 8th, 2011

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Full name: Danielle Elizabeth Quentin
Nick names: Dani, Q
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Age and birthday: 16 & October 30, 1996
House and year: Shenandoah, Junior
Boggart: Everyone she cares about walking out the door and leaving her in a dark room
Riddikulus: The door flings open and everyone laughs saying "sorry we wasted the good surprise on someone else"
Patronus and why: Pitbull, like a pitbull she doesn't exactly look the most approachable and she's fiercely protective of herself and her own. At the same time she's lovable and soft at her core.

School Information:

Wand: 9¾" unyielding blackthorn with phoenix tail feathers
Electives: Wandless, cultural, muggle studies, and art
Extracirriculars: Quodpot running back, muggle sports, dueling, and gaming club
Strongest subject: DADA
Weakest subject: History
Animagus form, if applicable NA

Family and Relationships
Parents: Jada and Markus Quentin
Siblings: Noah (26), Jonathan (23), Jaden (20), Micah (18), & Nicole (15)
Extended Family: Tons of cousins on both sides at the school. First cousins with Alex [[info]btchholdmypurse].
Familiar: Like any proper Georgia girl she has a miniature pitbull named Laddy
Sexuality: Struggling with her sexuality at the moment

PB: Katarina Graham
Physical Description: Dani is average height, standing at about 5'5. She is fit and athletic as she spends most of her free time training in the gym. She doesn't ever really do much with her hair, just pulls it back or does a quick straightening spell which never lasts through the whole day but it keeps it tame. She has a sweet smile but most of the time she is caught making silly faces at people.

Her style is tomboy and lazy, it never matters to her what she's wearing and she never wears makeup. She's a natural beauty but she hides herself behind baggy clothes, baseball hats, and silly expressions.

Likes: Quodpot, sports, competition, swimming, vanilla custard, dark chocolate, big animals, graffiti, being goofy, fried pickles, pitbulls, Laddy, the smell of cigars, beer, campfires, trucks, fireworks, the fourth of July, summer time, riding bikes, Nike, spicy food, bright colors, things from the 80s and 90s, video games, reading

Dislikes: Cheaters, girlie bullshit, sparkles, dances, macaroni, squash, not knowing things, waiting, peppermint, mouthwash, being alone, winter, being cold, when the temperature drops below sixty degrees, school uniforms, when people pick on her accent, the off season of quodpot, popcorn kernels, losing

*Though she was born in the city, her mother was a country girl through and through and since she spent a lot of her time with her mother, Dani developed a country girl accent
*She buys kids bubble gum flavored mouthwash because it doesn't sting and she likes the taste better
*She doesn't think she was meant to be born into this generation, in fact she wishes she was just one or two generations older

*She resents her little sister because she makes being girlie look easy
*She doesn't know her own sexuality, she's not too concerned about it and she doesn't go chasing answers but she's in a sort of limbo as of right now- this isn't to say she's not opposed to random cuddling and making out, she's just playing the field to get to know herself
*She likes flowers but she doesn't want anyone to know
*Dani and her mother have a secret book club, they assign a book each month and talk about it on the phone or when Dani comes home for visits, Dani thinks it's incredibly dorky but she's always done it because it's something special she has with her mom

Amortentia smells like: Quodpot fireworks, vanilla custard, & pickles

Strengths: She's athletic and extremely competitive, she never backs down and impossible isn't in her vocabulary. Dani is determined, ambitious, and always striving to be the best that she can be. She's fiercely loyal and has rather strong bonds with her friends. She's smart and quick, always ready with a quip or a reaction. Tons of energy, good attitude.

Weaknesses: Dani speaks and acts before she thinks, she's brash and fearless often leading her into some pretty spur of the moment decisions. She has no censor and can often end up hurting her friends feelings. She has little common sense. She has a tendency to hide her emotions anything from her goofiness to a stony expression. She's got the mouth of a trucker and insists she can cuss better than any boy she's ever met, this foul mouth of hers gets her intoa fair share of trouble.

Detailed personality: She is extremely competitive, being the little sister of four big, athletic brothers, Dani was always tagging along and playing sports with them. Her big brothers loved that she was always tagging along and took good care of her. She quickly turned into a tomboy. She played more sports than she could count but her favorite was always quodpot. There was something about flying and just being able to get away that appealed to her.

Despite all the competition, Dani is pretty much a big goof. She's loud, fun, outgoing, and friendly but she is not to be crossed. She can be a fierce bitch if someone goes out of line with her or the people she cares about. She's an excellent friend but not someone you want to be enemies of. She prefers her fists over words when it comes to disagreements and sensitive subjects. If she can't get into a fist fight she's not above having it out with a tree.

Dani is a bundle of energy, when she's not working out she's running around campus getting into things and challenging just about anyone who will listen to a duel. She's rambunctious, brave, confident, and she comes on strong. She loves to be around people and just hanging out. She's the type of person who would join a group of guitar players in the park and sing along to whatever song they are singing even if she doesn't have the voice for it. She loves people but she's wary of actually having strong bonds or relationships with them.

Relationships is a whole other category for Dani that she has yet to approach. She hasn't really been able to define her sexuality but growing up in the South it has to be one of two ways; straight (i.e. reasonable) or gay (i.e. disowned). She doesn't think it's that easy and she hasn't been able to figure things out for herself as she's afraid to explore the options of deep, emotional connection. Regardless, she hasn't felt any special connections with anyone.

Personal History
Jada and Markus Quentin had been hoping for a girl for years and they had four sons before their wish was granted. Just before Halloween their little girl was born, pre-maturely. She was small and fragile and had to be kept in the hospital for weeks before she was allowed to go home. When she was allowed home she was greeted with affection and wonder. Her big brother's thought she was great and it was only a matter of time before they were helping teach her how to walk and talk. Her first full sentence was "I want a baba god damn it!" They taught her all the colorful cuss words imaginable.

Though Dani's behavior was cute at home, she seemed untamed in public, in fact she's the farthest thing from tame there is. For her father's side of the family it was just unacceptable behavior for any young lady to be running around cussing up a storm, spitting on the sidewalk, climbing trees, and playing sports. They of course blamed her mother who had grown up on a farm and was "uncultured" as they put it. Dani and her mother remained the black sheep of the family and though Markus loved his wife and daughter, he never stood up for them at family functions because he was of course the quintessential momma's boy. She never really minded the criticism though because she always had her mom to back her up no matter what.

Everything was seemingly wonderful for Dani until her little sister came along. While Dani remained much the same through the years her sister became what her dad had always wanted out of a little girl. She was a daddy's girl and absolutely perfect. Nicole had good grades, a million boyfriends, and a thousand friends. She was gorgeous and fashionable, the exact opposite of how Dani saw herself so she grew to resent the other girl, creating a separation between them.

Dani and her mother developed a fantastic relationship, she feels like her mom is the only person who can really understand her and who will never judge her as she was a rough and tumble girl much like Dani. Her mother never put expectations on her, though her father had always tried to get her interested in traditionally girlie things. He used to joke that having five sons was too much work but Dani's mother saw how much it hurt her feelings and she put an end to that. Dani and Jada spend a lot of time hanging out, reading together, or going down to the old farm where Jada grew up. Dani isn't as forthcoming as she wants to be with her mother because she hasn't quite found a way to be one hundred percent honest with the woman but she loves her to death and is trying.

When Dani was accepted to school she obviously went to Blue Ridge as it was one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in America and her family had been going there for generations. it was great to be at school and away from all the nonsense of home life though she does sneak into Bluebell Town with her mother for weekend coffee dates and book club meetings. Being away at school gave Dani a chance to discover herself without prying eyes. She joined as many sports teams as she could, of course opting to join the Shenandoah quodpot team as a freshman. She made the team and played the first half of her freshman season as a reserve but after one of her team mates sustained an injury she replaced him as tightend for the rest of the season. Teodoro Ramirez, the Shenandoah coach was so impressed with her that she was practically in the playbooks for next years starting line up. As a sophomore she tried out for running back and safety and got the position without any contesting and she has been there ever since. She's young but she keeps the team morale up even in the face of utter devastation.

Now in her junior year Dani is just looking for her niche at school.
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Dani Quentin