I wanna be where the boys are, I wanna fight how the boys fight.

[Mama always tellin me stay inside, don't you hang round with those young boys.]

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OOC Information
Player name: Amie.
Player age: Twenty-two.
Time zone: AST.

Character Information
Full name: Jessica Hunter Sommer.
Nick names: Hunter, Hunt, Cheese, That Drunk Girl, Jess.
Hometown: Plano, Texas.
Age and Birthday: Nineteen [April 10th; 1992].
House and Year: University [Former Roanoke]; Second Year.
Boggart: Herself. Pregnant, barefoot, and unhappily married.
Riddikulus: The baby bump begins to shrink, taking the shape of a quod. Which promptly explodes under the false Hunter's dress, hiding her behind a cloud of acrid smoke.
Patronus and Why: Hunter's patronus appears in the form of a young coyote, representing playfulness, skill, inventiveness, and resourcefulness.

School Information:

Wand: Rigid blackthorn with a core of billywig stinger, thirteen and a half inches.
Classes: Emphasis on combative magic and curse-breaking.
Major Subject and Focus: Auror Training, specializing in hostage negotiation.
- Quodpot [Quarterback & Captain; University House]
- Muggle Sports
- Outdoor Club
- Dueling Club
- Events Committee
Animagus form, if applicable She took the animagus studies course but didn't pass it since she could never manage to actually transform. She grew a pair of coyote ears once, and that was as far as she ever got.

Family and Relationships
Parents: Michelle & David Sommer.
Siblings: Elizabeth Sommer [Younger Sister] & Benjamin Sommer [Older Brother; Deceased].
Extended Family: Both maternal and paternal grandparents are still living, as well as various aunts & uncles and a whole series of cousins. She is not particularly close with any of them, but they love family social events so she does see them a fair bit. She considers the Dubinsky clan to be extended family as well.
Familiar: She owns an old german shepherd named Isabella. She's had Bella since she was five years old, and the two are old pals with quite a bond together. Especially in Bella's older years, their favorite thing to do together is laze around and eat potato chips, Hunter usually letting the dog put her head right into the bag.
Sexuality: Pansexual. Hunter will pretty much date anyone, she's not picky.

PB: Blake Lively.
Physical Description:
Hunter's hair is rather thick, comes in a golden blonde color, and is usually hanging into her face. In length, it is pretty long, going to her shoulder blades. It usually appears straight, but only because she keeps it that way. If she doesn't apply a daily straightening charm, it ends up looking more naturally frizzy and wavy, which she suffered through enough during childhood. Outside of the daily use of her little hair spell, she is more or less a shower & go type of girl, never one to fuss over her appearance too much. She would tell you, frankly, that she looks good regardless; looking natural is the new hot thing. She puts her hair up sometimes, but it is usually down, and occasionally with a hat on over it.

Her skin is far from pale. It is rather well toned, holding a nice tan through out most of the year. She usually gains an especially good tan through the summer vacation, and manages to keep it through out the year with all of the time that she spends on the grounds around school. She doesn't believe too much in make-up, unless it's a special occasion, or she has something that she's trying to cover up. She applies a light layer, but nothing excessive. Usually you can catch her with black eyes more than black eye make-up, given her penchant for trouble. Her skin is smooth and well taken care of, and has a very nice glow to it.

Hunter's eyes are a vibrant blue in color, wide and defined and often filled with a look of mischief or feigned innocence. Her face is slender, with full lips and somewhat rosy cheeks, and usually a very wide and friendly grin plastered onto said lips. She finds her nose to be a little weird looking, a little long, but it really quite fits her overall face.

Hunter is quite tall; her full height tops off at just six feet and two inches, and that's without a hat. She's got a lithe and athletic build, from playing constant Quodpot among other sports and lots of physical activity. She still has a lanky look about her, with generally thin limbs, and with long legs, long arms, long fingers, long in general. She has very decent curves, rather soft, and she is very well endowed as well, with a nice pair of hips, which go pretty well with her chest. She has no piercings, but two tattoos both given to her by Michi. One on her left hip which reads 'live the life you love & love the life you live', and a second on the back of her leg, which is just her brother's name.

Her sense of fashion seems to be heading in every direction, and rather skewed in the opinion of what is 'appropriate' for the school year. She isn't always modest in her choices, particularly for school events. She loves no uniform, but she doesn't always 100% adhere to the dress code. Generally though, Hunter loves tanktops, lowrise jeans, boots, and kills the work out clothes. Running shorts, hoodies, sweatpants, and sneakers are her favorite lazing around attire, but she cleans up well and isn't against wearing a nice dress and some heels.

Likes: Morning runs, Quodpot, physical activity, barbeque ribs, astronomy, cowboy hats, Michi, shopping, goofing off, causing chaos, "fighting crime", hanging out with her friends, breaking curfew, being looked up to, Roanoke house, going to clubs, cowboys, western movies/books, having fun, Mack, good jokes, big meals, Benjamin, the smell of spring, sitcoms, flasks, fresh peaches, hairspray, the smell of gasoline, succeeding, winning.
Dislikes: Losing, being stuck inside for too long, homework, boring classes, getting her hair messed up, fighting with friends, getting detention, stupid knock knock jokes, vegetable casseroles [green bean etc], blackberries, most of her family, being expected to live up to her mother's ideals, the taste of metal.

~ Unless she's terribly hungover, Hunter can almost never sit still and always wants to be doing something or going somewhere.

~ She was proud to be captain of her team in her senior year for Roanoke, and is even more pumped up about becoming the captain of the University team. She has every intention of running her team into the ground if that's what it takes to win.

~ Hunter has known Mackenzie Dubinsky since they've been three years old, and they've been best friends ever since. Mack and her sister Kia feel more like her real sisters than Elizabeth had ever been, and even Mack's parents always treated her better than her own mom and dad. Though they like to beat up on each other, and they're both riddled with mother issues, the two of them just sort of fit together. Like, in a platonic way. They're studying the auror profession together with every intention of being partners, of course.

~ She is rather fidgety in class and often raises her hand just to make a joke; which only irritates her professors. She's been kicked out of class more times for horsing around more than she can recollect.

~ Hunter doesn't like to take crap from anyone, and is willing to fight for herself or any of her friends, hands down. There are no questions asked in this department. If you mess with her friends, you will pay. She has a particularly explosive temper when it comes to people messing with Michiko.

~ She has a little good luck mantra that she whispers to herself before every Quodpot match.

~ She is notoriously messy, and hates when people screw with the exploded bomb that is her dormitory. This was a bigger problem when she actually had a roommate. The room might look disorganized from the outside, but she knows where almost everything is in it. Mostly.

~ Although she rarely actually returns home to Texas, usually only during mandatory breaks and holidays, Hunter still has quite a heavy accent. When she gets really excited, some of her more Northern peers may find it hard to follow her rambling.

~ Hunter blames herself completely for the death of her brother. In reality, though she is not really responsible, it is still something that she has harbored inside since that day, despite her otherwise bubbly and carefree personality.

~ She met Sera Donnelly-Rousseau in detention when she was a senior. She immediately took a liking to the cute wannabe rebellious freshman, and sort of took her under her wing. They started dating, and though Sera outgrew her cool stage and became a big dork again leading to their eventual break-up, they are still friends today. Or tormentor and tormentee at least. She would be hard pressed to admit it, but she really was fond of the kid and didn't even cheat on her while they were together. Although she vaguely leads Sera to believe she did.

~ She wants to be close to her family, and she wishes they would treat her better so that she could do the same. Their terrible relationship is something she often feels bad about. She just cannot conform to their beliefs and rules and refuses to even try. It isn't worth giving up her independence just to impress her parents and sister.

~ Hunter is fascinated with werewolves, and thinks it might even be sort of cool to be one. She knows it's a weird thing to find so neat, but it's something she has thought about for years. Despite all of the cons, she feels the pros might just outweigh it. She can only imagine the speed and strength she'd exhibit on the sports-field with wolf blood in her veins.

~ Mack's father, Adam, taught them both how to fly [although Hunter quickly decided she preferred Quodpot to the Dubinsky family choice of Quidditch]. She used to be terrified of heights as a child, but let herself be put on a broom to get over this fear. She has never looked back and is now practically an expert, or at least a daredevil. However, she thoroughly wet herself the very first time she kicked off from the ground and shot into the sky. It's something she expects Mackenzie to take to the grave, or pay by going to grave.

~ When she and Mack were around eight, they found a barely held up old tree house in the woods behind their homes. They fixed it up together, starting out just be re-attaching the broken rope ladder, and going from there. Over that summer, it quickly became a refuge, and somewhere for the two of them to hide out when things were bad at home or generally just bad. It isn't a place of much talking or fun, still just somewhere to hide. For as long as they've had the tree house, they've never taken anybody else there or told them about it. Even in their twenties, Hunter still visits.

~ She is not at all interested in the religion of her family, but she sometimes pretends that she is, simply to get out of classes/assemblies/etc with religion related excuses.

~ She doesn't like to watch The Princess and the Goblin, and hasn't since she was a kid. That fucking Goblin King always freaked her out.

~ Though she knows it might involve some shady spells and materials, Hunter hopes that someday she can find a way to bring her brother back from the dead. She knows it seems impossible right now, but she feels time could change that. Advancements in magic happen all of the time. In her opinion, considering everything else magic can do so easily, bringing people back from the dead can't be that outlandish.

~ If she's been drinking, Back Down South by Kings of Leon always makes her cry. And wail along loudly.

~ She doesn't really talk that much about it, because that would be like lame and emotional or something, but she is really happy to be back with Michiko. She's one of the few people that feels like she could keep Hunter under control, there's just something about her. She missed the other girl when they were apart, although they were still best friends and both dated other people in the years between, and she wishes she had stood up and said something sooner about how she felt. She could have done something more to get her back, and kick that motherfucker Pascual to the curb sooner.

Amortentia Smells Like: Freshly mowed grass, peaches, & red skittles.
Strengths: Friendly, brave, protective, generally cheerful, great athlete, willing to help others out, street-smart, charming boys & girls alike, great flyer, surprisingly good artist, resourceful, sneaky, listens pretty decently [to friends; not academics], makes good milkshakes, high pain threshold, generous, lots of house pride.
Weaknesses: Generally poor student, easily distracted, irresponsible at times, has some trouble with reading long books, get frustrated easily, bad temper, sore loser, somewhat poor sportsmanship, has a bad habit of getting physical in fights, snaps under pressure, messy, totally gets absorbed in a good meal, is too headstrong/brave for her own good at times, doesn't have a very strong sense of fear.

Detailed Personality:
Over all, Hunter is a very likable person, and it's this personality that has made her quite a few friends through her years at Blue Ridge and made her a fairly popular person to know. She is active in clubs like dueling and events committee, and is loyal to her friends, and friendly to just about everybody she meets. Outgoing, kind, and a bit goofy, Hunter is always the first one in a group that is willing to be social and cheerful to whoever she encounters, whether it's a close pal or just a stranger she runs into in the corridors. She loves to tease and joke. Unless someone really crosses her, or does something to give her a bad opinion of them, she is a really well meaning girl despite her big mouth. She is the type that can be your best friend, or your worst enemy, depending on how you treat her and her closest friends.

She can be more than a bit of a trouble maker, but is excellent at covering up her tracks, or managing to talk her way out of situations. She was a bit of a poor student during her earlier years of school, despite spending half of her free time pestering and idolizing her head of house. She excels much better in university after being able to finally take all courses that she is especially interested in. She keeps her grades passable enough to play her sports, and generally speaking she'd rather be in the sky than in a classroom. She has a natural charm to her, and can be quite suave when she needs to be. She likes to always be active, and is always on the go, and is always willing to get physical, whether it's in Quodpot or any other sort of physical competition that someone has come up with to pass the time. She goes for a run almost everyday, usually in early mornings. She's got a near insatiable amount of energy on the average day, being incredibly wild and hyper, and it can lead her into trouble. With anything from pranks to fist fights.

And fist fights were exactly what she spent almost her entire school career getting into when things went wrong. It has taken her quite some time to outgrow the mentality of using her fists to do the talking when someone upset her or picked on one of her friends. Now that she is in her university, and nearly sort of a full fledged adult, she has learned to try and handle things like said adult.. sometimes. She's not above using her fists if she had to, or lovingly on Mackenzie, but she isn't quite as punch happy as she was as a younger girl.

When the situation calls for it, she can take on responsibility although she prefers not to unless it's necessary. She strives for roles like captain, leader, organizer, etc, despite not always wanting to do the hard parts of the job. She's more in it for the respect and reverence. She can be a calm girl if she needs to be, with excellent leadership skills and a knack for advice and guidance that comes natural to her, but sometimes her big head gets in the way. She is protective of those she cares about, particularly her friends and the younger students in her former house, and will do anything to protect them and take care of them in her own ways. She dedicates her life to the people she wants to look after, and will go to any length to achieve what needs to be done. She has huge house pride, for her university and for Roanoke, and although she has friends from each house and does not discriminate based on that, she will be the first to tell you who is going to take the Quodpot game, and the other houses don't stand a chance against them. Her belief in her house and her housemates is fierce and always present.

Despite her seriousness about her obligations to look out for her friends, she loves to let loose, a total party girl. It can get out of hand at times, though she manages to keep it in check on most days. Or at least manages to hide it from the proper faculty in question. Most nights, she can be found using her available means to sneak off somewhere she shouldn't be, whether it's outdoors somewhere, or just the owlery for some peace and quiet, when she ought to be asleep in bed. It's usually somewhere she knows she can stir up fun though. She can be a bit of a tease, even to those close to her, but it's almost always in good fun. She tries to put up a bit of a tough front for others, to try and appear as cool and cheeky as she is reliable, but under it all, Hunter is most definitely a soft girl inside.

Personal History
Hunter was born and raised in Plano, Texas; an affluent northern suburb of Dallas. Hunter's family consisted of her mother, her father, herself, and an older brother. Eventually a younger sister joined them. Her first name is technically Jessica, while Hunter is her middle name, and it was her brother who began calling her by Hunter, or Hunt, during their childhood. It stuck, and she has gone by the name ever since. She hardly even acknowledges being addressed as Jessica outside of school faculty, her parents, and Mack's parents. In fact, being called Jessica is something she doesn't care for at all; it reminds her of her home.

David and Michelle were both upper-class high school sweethearts in their Texas high school. They had known each other for most of their lives through the associations between their fathers. Although they had quite an interest in each other regardless, it was actually their fathers who set up their official courting and arranged their eventual marriage. It was mere luck that they actually turned out to enjoy each others company; their fathers would not have cared either way. With two upper-class and influential backgrounds coming together, the Sommer family lived a very luxurious and privileged life together. They had children a bit late, almost ten years after their original marriage date. They were never short upon money, always had what they wanted on their beck and call, and lived in quite an extravagant old Victorian style home for as long as Hunter can recall.

She was born the middle child, and from the moment she was born on a humid April afternoon, she was just never what her parents expected out of her. Since Michelle already had her son by the time Hunter was born, she was really expecting [and hoping for] a girl. She wanted a girly sort of girl as a daughter. When she received Hunter, this wasn't exactly what she got. It became evident with each day that Hunter grew older. While other girls were having tea parties and playing dolls or house, Hunter was skinning her knees, climbing trees and chasing her older brother around the neighbourhood. Not to mention exchanging secret handshakes and running around with that strange Mackenzie girl from up the street. All of this being much to her parents dismay.

They were expecting their daughter to be their perfect future debutante, attending parties in her best dresses, demure and perfect, and socializing with the young men she would someday choose her husband from.

From a young age, Hunter knew she disappointed and shamed her parents. In their own ways, they made it very clear to her. Even as a child, her relationship with her family was rather rocky. She was often grounded and scolded just for acting like herself instead of their ideal stereotypical little princess.

When she grew even older, Hunter never grew apart from her tomboyish ways, or away from her brother and her friend Mack. There was no doubt that they were easily the number one people in her life, and her best friends for better or worse. She and Ben were particularly close, and as the siblings aged, her mother and father only seemed more and more disappointed in Hunter's bad attitude, trying at every chance they could to bring some feminine qualities out of their daughter. With the expectations the parents had built for their daughter, there was almost always tension in their home. Hunter was naturally inclined for argument and rebellion against what they wanted of her as she grew, only lashing out more with increased age. She stopped taking their dirty looks without a word, as she had always done as a very small child; as she began elementary school, she began to talk back.

Sometimes she wondered why she hadn't just been born a boy, so that she could run and play with her brother and her friends without being hassled and pressured by her parents all of the time.

Despite her mother not approving of her running around with 'that strange girl', Mackenzie's house was somewhere that Hunter often escaped to. Pretty much as soon as she was old enough to leave the yard on her own, Hunter escaped to the Dubinsky house. Mack could be an idiot, and she was kind of spoiled by her dad, but Hunter liked her just the same. Adam and Kate treated her kinder than her own mom and dad; Kate especially took a shining to little 'Jessica' almost as soon as Mack brought her home. Mack's sister Kia wasn't as cool as Ben, but she was still really cool and treated Hunter just like she was part of their family. They weren't a perfect family either, Hunter was attuned to their tension even as a child, and she wasn't surprised when Mackenzie's parents finally split up. But they were still better than her own family, even apart.

When her younger sister was born, Hunter was four, and it did shortly ease some of the tension in their family. Said younger sister, Elizabeth, would one day grow up into the perfect spoiled daughter that the Sommers had been hoping for, even if no one quite realized it at the time. She would become everything Hunter hadn't, and Hunter was fine with that; it was pressure off of her back. She would always say that as soon as she turned eighteen, she would be gone, and Michelle and David could keep Elizabeth locked in a bubble with her future husband instead.

Life was about average until Hunter was about nine years old. It was a normal afternoon, Hunter remembers that very specifically. Mack's parents had just split up, and she was at Mack's house, like she almost always was after school. They were watching a movie or something, she's pretty sure, around the time Benjamin was struck by a car and killed on his own walk home from his school. He was twelve at the time.

Hunter was understandably devastated and seemed to sink into herself. Uncharacteristically, she began to stray away from everyone around her. She spent a majority of her time staying introverted and brooding on Benjamin for the rest of the entire year. Even Mack had a hard time getting through to her, and they spent a lot of days and even some nights up in their tree house away from everything.

If she had walked with him, she felt maybe she could have saved him, or perhaps they would have walked a different route all together. She could have done something, anything. Despite her lack of responsibility for the event, to this day, she feels as if it was entirely her fault.

Hunter remained a shadow of her former self until a rather surprising day.

In all of the years that she had known Mackenzie, there really was always something.. weird about her family. Just like Hunter's mother always said about them, except that Hunter kind of liked it. They just seemed to make things happen, things were just off, and it was hard to explain. Hunter was seven when Mack told her that she was a witch, and seven when they learned to fly. It wasn't until several years later that the idea of Mack being a witch became a bad thing; Mack was probably going to have to go away to another state to go to school, like Kia, which Hunter immediately felt worried about. First her brother and then her best friend, both leaving within a few years of each other.

Waiting with anxious feelings as the summer ticked past slowly, Hunter hadn't been expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen when a owl perched on the mailbox at the end of her driveway. It was sort of weird, being the middle of a hot summer afternoon and all, but it was even weirder when it let her get so close.. close enough to untie the letter from it's leg, and close enough to see that the letter was addressed to her. She read the name out loud to herself; Blue Ridge School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. She held her breathe almost the entire time as she ran to Mack's house, unsurprised to get there and see that her friend had the exact same letter.

To David and Michelle, a letter from the school was just another thing that was all wrong about their troubled Jessica, something else that hadn't been expected from her, just another screw up. They were a simple family of muggles, as far as anyone knew, including themselves. Magic hadn't appeared in the Sommer family for generations, and it wasn't until David spoke quite vaguely to his father about the issue that he found out that there was wizarding blood just as close as one of his own great-uncles. Still, in the view of their religion, magic was forbidden, something evil, and that was exactly Michelle and David's opinion on the subject. With her family's strict religious ideals, letting their daughter go to a school full of supposed witchcraft was simply not an option.

Their only moment of enjoyment in the entire ordeal was realizing that Hunter being such a little witch all of the time suddenly made loads more sense. But they wouldn't let her grow up to be like her 'weird friend', it just wouldn't do. Even if the other girl was going to the school with Hunter, they had no intention of letting their daughter go.

But Hunter wasn't taking 'no' for an answer.

It was her choice, her offer, and she felt her parents had no say in the matter. They barely acknowledged her anyway, they were ashamed of her, and so what was the point in her staying home? Yes, they wanted her to stay, to wear dresses, dance with young men, marry young men, have lots of children, and straighten out her ways. But was that her idea of life? No, definitely not. It was during a heated screaming match between the three of them on the subject that her parents finally relented and allowed her to accept admission to Blue Ridge.

So far as any one outside of their immediate family or circle of friends knows, Hunter attends a young ladies reform in Atlanta. They know nothing of the magical side of her education. If pressed, Michelle and David retort with a story about how they sent their daughter away due to her poor behavior and their inability to deal with her outbursts any longer. She'll be home, they say, when she is a proper young lady.

Despite the outlandish lies her parents dreamed up to cover her, Hunter was finally feeling herself again, excited for things and excited for whatever came next. She was ecstatic to attend school with Mackenzie, even if she would never admit something all sorts of mushy like that. But going to a witch school with her best friend was amazing. Hell, she was pretty sure they'd let her fly every day, not just on weekends. Even if she didn't quite understand magic yet, and didn't quite understand why she was chosen to learn it. Not to mention, the fact that realizing that magic was really real took some adjusting. There was a whole magic world out there, not just Mack's one family.

Hunter has attended Blue Ridge ever since, right up from her first year and all the way now into university. It barely took any time at all before Hunter came out of the tail end of her introversion. She was quickly back to her normal self once she began making friends , becoming once again the happy girl whom her brother had known so well. Since puberty, Hunter has even developed some of the strong femininity that her mother had wanted her to have so bad growing up. She rarely talks to anyone but Mack and Michi about her life in Texas, and very few know about her even ever having a brother.

When it came time to move on to be sorted, in her opinion Roanoke was a clear choice. She couldn't have chosen a better placement herself, and she had never had second thoughts. Even as she is moved on in university, Roanoke is her home for life, and in her eyes, it always will be a part of her. She still frequently chats up new kids sorted into the house, and often visits Professor Walker.

In her years at Blue Ridge, Hunter has become a bit notorious for her trouble making and her general silly ways, and just for being herself every single day. If you asked her, she would call herself a local celebrity. If you asked her current and former professors, they would probably say more like a local pain in the neck. She keeps up the school morale though and intends to keep doing so until the end of her years at school. Graduating from auror training after this year will be bitter sweet, but there's still a whole magic world out there to explore yet.
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I wanna be where the boys are, I wanna fight how the boys fight.

[Mama always tellin me stay inside, don't you hang round with those young boys.]