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Books | The Guardian ([info]theguardianbook) wrote,
@ 2020-01-15 12:27:00

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Top 10 books about trouble in Los Angeles | Steph Cha

Novelist Steph Cha chooses books that reflect the tensions and flashpoints of her diverse, uncontainable home town

The literature of Los Angeles is inextricable from the tradition of noir – from Raymond Chandler to Walter Mosley and Michael Connelly, the writers of this city have gravitated towards grit and darkness, turmoil and crime. I was born and raised in LA, and I am fiercely loyal to my home town. I love its depth and its sprawl, the neighbourhoods and communities that give it its diverse, uncontainable character. But it’s not all sunshine and harmony – LA is home to almost four million people, and inevitably people clash.

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