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to be with you - axel/roxas [August 13, 2008]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Happy Axel/Roxas Day! [8/13] In honor of such a day, I give you this fanmix for one of my first omgyaoi pairings in Kingdom Hearts. Here's lookin' at you, fandom! ♥

to be with you )

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[Ouran Host Club] Tamaki Suou - The Ladies' Choice [August 07, 2008]

[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Westlife - The Way You Look Tonight ]

I'm pretty sure I deserve to be punched for this.
So I've been thinking about making a Tamaki mix for awhile. There's a few sides to Tamaki, so I decided to put the main focus on the host side of him, with a few tracks about his inner emotions. Quite a few of them are songs that sound like they're portraying something he's thinking/feeling, rather than just songs about him.

To the mix! )

Please comment if you download! I hope it's enjoyable. ^^;

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if everyone cared - zuko/katara [August 05, 2008]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Fanmix #9. Almost at the big 10.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a fandom I thought I would never get into because I listened to the hype of 'homg, it lookz liek anime!' but after sitting down, giving it a chance and marathoning with my best friend, it has grown on me. Its emotion, how wonderfully dramatic it is and how real it is compared to the standard anime where everything does right. This series has made me laugh, made me cry and has given me faith in American cartoons again.

Anyway, the relationship of Prince Zuko and the fiesty and indepedent Katara intrigues me. Not only does the love/hate thing fade into a nearly mutal respect and liking, but the hinting...oh, how terrible with all the hinting. Their relationship is so delicate, both longing for a missing piece of themselves, however it is rather fiery in its own right. Both have tempers, fight for what they think is right. They live and grow under the sun and the moon, they live and grown under each other.

if everyone cared - zuko/katara )

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your OBSESSION - zero/yuki [July 21, 2008]

[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | ultraviolet || joanna ]

My 8th fanmix, if I counted correctly...a long overdue one at that. I have another one that is basically complete...just missing something so I'm stll on it.

Anyway, this fanmix is a dedication to a pairing in a fandom that hit me very hard and very quickly; Zero x Yuki from Vampire Knight. I was surprised on how quickly I attacked myself to them as a pairing and as the series went on, I was sucked deeper and deeper into their love, their bond and even now, waiting for Season 2 to premiere, I'm still brooding because I almost know that it'll be Kaname x spoilers, mmkay?. Regardless, that's what these are for, right? So, this is my way of saying 'thanks' to Zero x Yuki for being such an awesome pairings! And a mini-dedication to my own personal Yuki who is very much as real a Yuki as there can be, [info]utena. Thanks for bringing her to life, hun. :)

your OBSESSION - zero x yuki )

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fell in love WITHOUT YOU - miles/franziska [May 18, 2008]

[ mood | good ]
[ music | i fell in love without you || motion city soundtrack ]

At first, I really didn't understand this pairing. I was mid-way through Justice for All and after meeting Franziska, I didn't know what to think. I explored the pairing a bit with my best friend, [info]eclipseeuphoria, and with that exploration, I have grown to love and adore the pairing of Miles Edgeworth and Franziska Von Karma, all in thanks to my two Franziskas.

[info]eclipseeuphoria; You're the one who turned me on to the pairing in the first place, so I have to thank you for many good memories are attached to this pairing now and I will never regret supporting them over most pairings I see out there. You'll always be my Franziska and Miles will always want to be whipped by you~♥

[info]mei; The Mei to my've continued to allow me to see just how perfect Miles and Franziska are for one another. Whipped or not, I will always support this pairing thanks to your beautiful graphics of the two and your loving support of them. Reiji'd be lost without Mei, no objections~♥

So, this fanmix is dedicated to the two Franziskas that make Miles pimp happy each and every day of his life and for making me see the total and utter bliss this pairing brings. ♥ Love you both~! And now, onto the mix! :D

fell in love WITHOUT YOU )

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somebody's me - miles/phoenix [May 14, 2008]

[ mood | drained ]
[ music | watching || the mighty morphin' power rangers ]

Oh, what can I say about this was my first pairing in the Phoenix Wright series and their relationship just intriges me so much. It's love/hate, it's friendship, it's an amazing relationship. ♥ Most likely the most cliché pairing in the series, it still is a very adorable pair in my eyes. So, I can only hope this fanmix does it justice.

There are two more Phoenix Wright fanmixes on the way, so be on the lookout for them very soon! ♥

somebody's me -- miles/phoenix )

And this is kinda a mini-dedication to my almost reluctant Ryu-chan. See? They can be in love, even if they are two dashing men in suits. X3 ♥

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missin' you - sora x kairi [May 07, 2008]

[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | watching || the mighty morphin' power rangers ]

My first major video game obsession spawns a pairing that is just so delicate and so sweet...♥ I always had such a hard time with choosing between Sora/Kairi and Riku/Kairi, but with Kairi's sincereity and Sora's adorable goofy-ness, I just couldn't resist their adorable relationship. ♥

missin' you - sora x kairi )

AND...! I made an icon to go along with the spirit of the pairing;

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can't buy me love - bancoran x reno [May 05, 2008]

[ mood | thankful ]
[ music | i could fall in love || selena ]

Back on GreatestJournal, I was involved in a roleplay by the name of Port Gaza where I choose to play the character Reno from the popular Final Fantasy series. I decided a male prostitute, however cliché, was the perfect role for him. The roleplay started off very well, fun, however I, as the mun, made a few mistakes, thus the RP began to loose everything I ever thought it was. However, one character, rather one person brought the roleplay back to love for me and her name is [info]ada, whom played a handsome character by the name of Bancoran. A romance blossomed between the two, as fragile and mysterious as it was, and the pairing became second nature to me. ♥ The threads between [info]ada and myself became the only fond memories of the roleplay that I, in making this very short and choppy EP, I include all of the memories of that roleplay and, in turn...[info]ada, I dedicate this to you. I'm sorry it's not as wonderful as the BancoranxReno we knew, but hey...worth a shot, right? ♥ I hope you enjoy it~!

can't buy me love - bancoran x reno )

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let her into your heart - kyoxtohru [April 10, 2008]

[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | yu-gi-oh the abridged series episode 14 ]

Fanmix #3! ♥ Getting hang of this stuff. This mix is a little different, as I actually took the time to jot down my thoughts for each song...which is why this took so long. XD Lazy, man...anyway...

KyoXTohru was a pairing that, at first, I did not like. I was more found of Kyo with Uo, however reading further into the series, I saw that Tohru truly did care for Kyo and Kyo for Tohru...and the pairing just sort of grew on me. Fruits Basket was one of my first major fandoms, so doing a fanmix for it means a lot to me. Then again, I saw that with every fanmix. XD So, enjoy!

remember to let her into your heart then you can start to make it better )

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a lovesick melody - yukixshuichi [April 04, 2008]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Ah, fanmix number #2 and it feels so niiice~I still have about 7 I'm working on, so getting this one done...huge accomplishment! There's another one on the way, I just need to complete the covers and such.

Anywho, welcome to the world of boys love...Gravitation. ♥ This was my second yaoi/shounen-ai/boys love, so it'll always be kinda special to me. What this fanmix attempts to accomplish is show both sides of Yuki and Shuichi, their views on love. Tracks 1 - 5 is Yuki, 6 - 10 is Shuichi and the final song is sort of an ode to them both, if that makes any sense. :3 I may come back here to better describe song by song, however the lack of motivation is stunning~♥ So, enjoy!

a lovesick melody ; yukixshuichi )

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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (general fandom) [March 03, 2008]

[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Higurashi mix! ]

Okay, I am a bad co-mod. I am only just now getting around to posting this fanmix that I've had done since the beginning of Feb. -_-;

But, none the less, here it is. The fandom is Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. A general overview of the series and some of its characters. If you are curious as to why I chose a song for this mix, don't be afraid to ask. ^_^

I feel the reason as it's leaving me )

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[February 13, 2008]

[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | return to me | the last goodnight ]

These are both old, but worth posting? D: Grahh. U-uhm, these are for two of my favorite pairings evar, so... I hope other people like them :D? Oh -- and if there's anything wrong with the downloads, tell me. I'll re-up 'em ASAP.

Zack/Cloud (Final Fantasy VII); To be with You. )

Seishirou/Subaru (TB/X, although X centric); Favorite Damn Disease. )

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[February 12, 2008]

[ mood | accomplished ]

So, my obsession for incest in anime/manga has driven me to support a few pairings that I normally wouldn't find fitting in most cirumstances. However, I then came across Tenjho Tenge and I was just...shocked by how the brother/sister pairing between Shin and Maya Natsumé worked so well and won be over without must of a fight on my part. So, in honor of their love, I bring you my first ever fanmix..

Shin x Maya Natsumé ; Forbidden Love )

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2 fanmixes: Kingdom Hearts (SoraxKairi) & Death Note (Light Yagami) [January 29, 2008]

[ mood | good ]

So... these are from earlier this month, but here are 2 fanmixes I made. I hope you enjoy them! :D Front & back covers are included in the zip file =]

Without The Stars ~ Sora & Kairi fanmix )

Follow Me Into He(ll)aven ~ Light Yagami fanmix )

Comment if you take~ & of course, input is always welcome ^^
Also, if you're curious about my song choices, feel free to ask.

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Shadow Hearts (3 Mixes) [January 29, 2008]

[ mood | accomplished ]

These are far from perfect... but I'm really excited to share! They are my very first fanmixes- and I could help but make three. Please check them out, I hope you like!~ ♥

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