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кєι ❤ тιмe ѕтαɴdѕ ѕтιll ([info]lunareuphoria) wrote in [info]fandomtracks,
@ 2008-08-13 00:08:00

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Current mood:sleepy

to be with you - axel/roxas
Happy Axel/Roxas Day! [8/13] In honor of such a day, I give you this fanmix for one of my first omgyaoi pairings in Kingdom Hearts. Here's lookin' at you, fandom! ♥

Fanmix Title: to be with you
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Character (s): Axel x Roxas
Length: 42:51
Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/b2d06u

1. Folkin' Around © Panic! At The Disco
Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two
Where summers lasted longer than, longer than we do
And nothing really mattered except for me to be with you

2. I Should Tell You...© Eighteen Visions
So I should tell you why it's so hard to tell you.
You know it's me and where I've been and the million words I'm thinking.
I burned my time today.
And as I start to waste.
You were my one and only and now I don't know why.

3. Our Truth © Lacuna Coil
Clock is ticking while I'm killing time
Spinning all around
Nothing else that you can do
To turn it back
Wicked partnership in this crime
Ripping off the best
Condescending smile trying to forget (Wasting my time)
We're falling right through
Lying to forget (Telling more lies)
We're raising our truth
Go on and tease me

4. 4AM Forever© lostprophets
Yesterday I lost my closest friend
Yesterday I wanted time to end
I wonder if my heart will ever mend
I just let you slip away

Maybe I'll never see you smile again
Maybe you thought that it was all pretend;
All these words that I could never say
I just let them slip away

5. Burning Bridges © The Summer Obsession
Mission accomplished,
Do you feel regret breathing down your neck?
Broken friendships in progress,
Do you ever wonder why your soul is in debt?

Light a match,
But use it to find your way through the dark.

When the sun goes down emotions all come out,
And your sapphire eyes keep staring at the ground,
You're burning all your bridges down,
You're burning all your bridges down.

6. When Did Your Heart Go Missing? © Rooney
I'm waiting, waiting for nothing
You're leaving, leaving me hanging
When did your heart go missing?
When did your heart go missing?
I treat you like a princess
But your life is just one big mess
When did your heart go missing?
When did your heart go missing?

7. 24 © Jem
Been given 24 hours
To tie up loose ends
To make amends
His eyes said it all
I started to fall
And the silence deafened
Head spinning round
No time to sit down
Just wanted to
Run and run and run
Be careful they say
Don't wish life away,

8. My Sacrafice © Creed
Hello my friend, we meet again
It's been awhile, where should we begin?
Feels like forever
Within my heart are memories
Of perfect love that you gave to me
Oh, I remember

When you are with me, I'm free
I'm careless, I believe
Above all the others we'll fly
This brings tears to my eyes
My sacrifice

9. This is Who We Are © Hawthorne Heights
Between the sadness and the smile
Lies the flicker of the fire
You always said this never hurt you
I always said you were a liar
With the all the towers and the wires
There still lies a little silence
Two hearts and one connection
One voice lacks emotion now

10. I Know the Feeling © The Classiac Crime
Thought I was happy thought that my life was made
Guess I believed the colors of love just fade
But now that you're here I can see
What I thought was all over is still here inside of me
And I know the feeling
And I love the feeling
You're fannin the coals and the flame in my soul's all I know
Yes I know the feeling
And I need the feeling

11. Burn © Three Days Grace
I’ll let it show that
I’m not always hiding
Come all the way down
And watch me burn
I won’t let it show that
I’m not always flying
So on the way down
I’ll watch you burn

12. Whispers of October © In This Moment
Whispers of October
These words are useless to me
Do more with your own life

Reasons why
I found this in my skys
you have to go

Leave for now
Go home faith

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