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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions, and answers, too! Oh boy. Try to read this before you ask a new question. If you know something we should add to this, let us know.

About Scribbld (view all)

Quick Answers (view all)

Site Navigation Features (view all)

Accounts (view all)

Account Levels (view all)

Premium Features (view all)

Account Payments (view all)

Journal Entries (view all)

Troubleshooting (view all)

Userpics (view all)

Comments (view all)

Friends & Security Levels (view all)

Communities (view all)

Community Management (view all)

ScrapBook (view all)

Journal Customization (view all)

Advanced Journal Customization (view all)

Customization in the Old Style System (view all)

Syndication (view all)

Client Software (view all)

Conflicts with Other Users (view all)

Working with Other Sites (view all)


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