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Home : Support : Frequently Asked Questions : FAQ - Friends & Security Levels

» How do I control who can read my journal entries?

When you post an entry, you can choose a security setting which controls who can see your entries. Your entry security can be Public (visible to everyone who reads your journal), Friends-only (visible only to people on your Friends list), Private (visible only to you), or Custom (visible only to members of the custom friends groups you choose).

When you are logged into your account, you will always be able to see your own entries on your journal, no matter what security setting you use.

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Last Updated:
January 13th, 2008 (jimmy)

» Why is my journal or Friends page displaying incorrectly?

Your journal or Friends page can display incorrectly when you or someone on your Friends list post an entry with incorrect HTML or with wide images or text. It can also happen with errors in your style customizations.

You can edit your entry to resolve the problem. If the problem is with a friend's entry, ask them to take these steps instead:

Limit the size of any picture, HTML table, or fonts;

  • Use an tag when posting large images or other wide content;

  • Use HTML links instead of posting long URLs;

  • Ensure that any HTML used (particulary for tables) is correct

If your friend doesn't correct a problem entry, you can still prevent it from affecting the rest of your Friends page:

If your friends post large images, enable Image placeholders for your Friends page. Note that if enabled, they will also appear for images without size information.

You can temporarily change the number of entries displayed per page, to prevent the problem entry from displaying.

You can temporarily create a custom Friends group named "Default View", adding everyone except the entry poster to that group. This will remove the friend from your Friends page, but not from your actual Friends list.

You can wait for other friends to post new entries. When there are enough newer entries on your Friends page, the problem entry will be pushed back to a previous page, and will no longer affect your main Friends page.

Style Customizations

Incorrect customizations can cause your journal to display incorrectly.

S1 Overrides: If your overrides affect the width of your journal, make sure you are using the correct overrides for your style. Also, add the width of the journal, left, and right margins. If this number is more than 100%, make one of those numbers for widths smaller. If you continue to have problems with overrides, you may need to consult the FAQ on troubleshooting overrides for further information.

S1 Overrides with Plus Accounts: Some S1 overrides that work correctly at the Basic or Paid account levels can conflict with ad placement in a Plus journal. If this is the case, you will either need to edit or remove your overrides, customize your journal using S2, or switch to a different account level.

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Last Updated:
November 21st, 2008 (jimmy)


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