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can't buy me love - bancoran x reno [05 May 2008|10:48pm]
[ mood | thankful ]
[ music | i could fall in love || selena ]

Back on GreatestJournal, I was involved in a roleplay by the name of Port Gaza where I choose to play the character Reno from the popular Final Fantasy series. I decided a male prostitute, however cliché, was the perfect role for him. The roleplay started off very well, fun, however I, as the mun, made a few mistakes, thus the RP began to loose everything I ever thought it was. However, one character, rather one person brought the roleplay back to love for me and her name is [info]ada, whom played a handsome character by the name of Bancoran. A romance blossomed between the two, as fragile and mysterious as it was, and the pairing became second nature to me. ♥ The threads between [info]ada and myself became the only fond memories of the roleplay that I, in making this very short and choppy EP, I include all of the memories of that roleplay and, in turn...[info]ada, I dedicate this to you. I'm sorry it's not as wonderful as the BancoranxReno we knew, but hey...worth a shot, right? ♥ I hope you enjoy it~!

can't buy me love - bancoran x reno )

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