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My solemn vow [08 May 2009|12:01am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

[info]ihavemarried Axel from Kingdom Hearts.
[info]ihavemarried Dante from Devil May Cry.

I'd also like to ask for [info]shattering's hand in marriage because she's my one true love. ♥
EDIT; ALSO MARRYING [info]strawberrytea, mufuggas.

[00:19] [info]kiokushitaka: So uh
[00:19] [info]kiokushitaka: I should totally marry you too. So I can watch you and rora make out for the rest of my life.
[00:19] [info]strawberrytea: *teary eyed* Are you proposing to me?
[00:20] [info]strawberrytea: ...I mean cause really
[00:20] [info]kiokushitaka: IN MY OWN WEIRD WAY..?
[00:20] [info]strawberrytea: on your knee bitch
[00:20] [info]kiokushitaka: XD
[00:20] [info]strawberrytea: I'm a classy lady
[00:20] [info]kiokushitaka: All's I got is this plastic ring from a box of cracker jacks.
[00:20] [info]kiokushitaka: IS THAT OK?
[00:20] [info]strawberrytea: ...what color is it?
[00:21] [info]kiokushitaka: Pink.
[00:21] [info]strawberrytea: ...yeah okay wes can get hitched

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My solemn vow. [08 May 2009|12:05am]
[info]ihavemarried Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil.
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My solemn vow. [08 May 2009|05:49am]
[ mood | amused ]

[info]ihavemarried  Toki Wartooth and Skwisgaar Skwigelf (Metalocalypse).

So...because I identify with the former, does this make me a narcissist? Also, SWEET, two guys, kekeke~!

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My Solemn Vow. [08 May 2009|10:39am]
[info]ihavemarried L from Death Note. 8D

Our kids are going to be so damn smart.
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My solemn vow. [08 May 2009|03:26pm]
[ mood | loved ]

[info]ihavemarried Shou from alice nine. ♥

Because I'm totally predictable like that. :3

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My Solemn Vow [08 May 2009|07:28pm]
[info]ihavemarried [info]sehnsucht
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