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welcome! [Mar. 27th, 2010|03:29 am]

welcome to [info]nerdville!

Please join to see the icons. I'd like to keep track of who is viewing!
Comment and credit if you're taking anything.
These obviously aren't super-awesome-photoshopped icons,
don't bother complaining!
I started making them for myself and a few friends
asked if I'd make specific ones for them.

I base my icons from screencaps of whatever I'm watching.
If you have a movie or show that you want done,
let me know and I might already have it! :)

Note: I also post book/movie reviews here! If you have any book or movie suggestions, please let me know about them! I won't be doing this off of every movie I've ever seen obviously. Just the ones I watch as we go along. :)
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