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Drabbles. [16 Jan 2010|02:12am]

Five Zack/Cloud drabbles. I only picked the first topic, Karma was feeding me the rest of them and I would write stuff in response. All of them are G-rated and only one of them actually goes beyond implications. Some implied Zack/Aerith in the last one. They're cute though, I think. I hope. (If I failed epically, someone please tell me.)

Drabbles behind the cut. )

x-posted to my musebox on IJ, cosmocanyon, where I'm going to start updating more often (in theory).
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[17 Jan 2008|10:24am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Okay,  so just a few notes! This community was going to be friends only... but then I decided not to. NEVERTHELESS, however, I will set a few things straight beforehand:

1. Don't spam me with ads for communities UNLESS it's of an RP community I might enjoy taking a gander at, possibly joining.
2. I don't expect completely awesome English, but I d0nT W@nN@ h@f 2 c0mPr3h3Nd $0M3th1nG l1k3 Th1$. I may not have a life, but that doesn't mean I want to spend my non-life reading that. >\
3. Joining the community...? Uhm, well, I guess you can if you ASK first. Dunno why you'd need to. Mostly, just try to friend it though if you wanna come pestering me brainkids. -pets muses-
4. Don't hate. D: People who hate and cause drama and random shit are mean and annoying. 
5. Don't try to do shit to my muses if I say no! xO This is a big one, okay? You don't have to ask me if you can do something first, but if I say no then it's a no and don't do it again. 
6. Other than that, uh... just be nice, okay? I don't really care other than that stuff. Oh, and if you don't follow those rules, then I've got the right to ignore you as much as I want. Or y'know, whatever else.

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