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Tay ([info]kogarasumaru) wrote in [info]nibelheim,
@ 2010-01-16 02:12:00

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Five Zack/Cloud drabbles. I only picked the first topic, Karma was feeding me the rest of them and I would write stuff in response. All of them are G-rated and only one of them actually goes beyond implications. Some implied Zack/Aerith in the last one. They're cute though, I think. I hope. (If I failed epically, someone please tell me.)

i. Sick
Contrary to popular belief, SOLDIERs were in fact, not invincible. This is something that a certain Cloud Strife had strongly believed, just out of sheer skepticism for anything-- human, mako-infused, cat, dog, anything being able to be invincible. So when Zack Fair had actually managed to catch, of all things, a cold, the blond teenager was much more pleased than he should have been.

While Zack didn't share his sentiment, he had conceded to Cloud being right about SOLDIERs still having the capabilities to get sick.

Well, until Cloud started taking care of him. Then he found he didn't quite mind Cloud's enjoyment of his illness quite as much. The only thing missing was a nurse outfit, which he would have suggested if that wouldn't have probably landed him with a lump on his head in addition to being sick. Maybe he could just try to prove Cloud right a little more often instead.


ii. Seafood
Cloud had never had seafood before. Growing up in a mountain barren of rivers, their water came from deep within the mountain and it wasn't exactly common to catch fish in the well they'd driven into the flat portions of Nibelheim's grounds. He knew fish existed, and knew that people ate them, but he had never actually tasted any.

After having to take the boat from Costa del Sol to Junon and experiencing his first taste of seasickness, he was certain that he never would.

That is, until his friend Zack had asked him out to lunch once (while he was heaving in a corner about to throw up, no less) and later took him to a little shop in the gaudiest sector of the lower plate of Midgar, claiming they had the best sushi around. Once they got their sushi and Cloud asked what exactly sushi was, Zack explained it was uncooked fish. Cloud promptly refused to eat it and ordered some barbeque.

Two nights later, Zack ambushed Cloud in the barracks after Cloud had gone in a little earlier than most of his squad and planted one right on his lips, slipping a piece of salmon in his mouth before Cloud had a chance to understand what was going on.

Cloud decided that fish might not be so bad after all.


iii. Sunshine
Zack had taken notice of a really strange predicament. Every time he'd seen Cloud, it'd been dark, cloudy, snowy, or inside. He found himself briefly entertaining the notion that the kid didn't actually go outside when the sun was out.

Part of him wondered if he sparkled or something, but that would've just been stupid (though funny as hell) so he scratched that idea off of his list. Well, the best thing to do would be to find the kid and pull him out into the sunlight himself.

"What--?! Stop-- where are we going? Zack!"

Zack heard the blond's protests to being pulled by the wrist through the compound without explanation, but only grinned back at the younger boy, then pulled him five feet out of the building and put both hands on his shoulders to steady Cloud and backed up a few steps, then blinked.

...Well, the kid didn't sparkle, but the sun glistening through his hair and illuminating his eyes so they looked like an even brighter shade of blue made Zack stop breathing for a moment.

"Zack? What's going on?"

"Eh-- nothing, nothing!"

Cloud didn't look pleased, but Zack started pushing Cloud back into the building. No wonder Cloud didn't get out in the sun a lot, he wouldn't be able to get people off of him. Zack ruffled his hair, then excused himself, leaving Cloud standing there, thoroughly confused. Zack was definitely going to have to take Cloud outside more often.


iv. Starfleet
"Hey Cloud-- you think if we were born like 100 years later, we'd be stationed up in space instead of in Midgar?"

Cloud blinked and stared at Zack.

"...Where the hell do you come up with these things, Zack?"

"That was kinda stupid huh?" Zack grinned.

Cloud, shrugged, giving no answer for a few moments.

"I don't know, I guess it might be kind of cool. As long as they had gravity control by then, otherwise I'd be stuck here on the ground anyway."

Zack laughed, "What, you think you'd get motion sickness up in space?"

"I don't know, I've never been! I probably won't unless ShinRa pulls a starfleet out of its ass in the next few years."

"Aw come on, it could happen!"

"Trust me, the closest either of us are getting to the stars is that monorail thing at the Gold Saucer."

"Oh, I could think of a few more ways to make you see stars."

"You--" Cloud blushed furiously, "Zack--!"

"Kidding, kidding! ...Maybe."


"Want to find out?"


Cloud blushed a bit more furiously, staring at Zack. Zack had just been teasing him, and he knew it. So he had no idea why he leaned over and kissed the older boy on the lips after a few seconds of staring. Zack didn't respond at first, so Cloud was pretty sure Zack had definitely been teasing him.

"I guess that's a yes?"

Cloud leaned back, still vaguely resembling a tomato at this point.

"I don't really have to answer that do I?"


v. Dancing
Fact A: Zack looks sexy as hell in a dress uniform.
Fact B: Just because you look sexy as hell, does not mean you are capable of dancing.
Fact C: That might be a problem when there's a military ball in less than 5 hours that requires all SOLDIERs to dance with their lady accompaniment.

After hearing about this predicament, Cloud Strife was about ten centimeters from connecting his forehead to his palm. Zack Fair could dance like he was at a rave, sure, but Cloud knew for a fact that he was going to embarrass both himself and Aerith when they went together if Zack didn't have a damned clue how to dance to a waltz. Fortunately, Cloud's mother had taught him how to dance, and though it wasn't anything outrageously complicated, he did know a basic waltz and a few other basic dances because when most of the kids in your hometown ignored you, you either trained with a sword in the backyard, or helped your mother keep up with her dance lessons despite being about six years old at the time. As far as Cloud had been concerned when he was that young, his mother was more fun than any of the kids (except for Tifa of course) anyway.

"You've got like three hours until you head down to pick Aerith up, right?"

Zack glanced over at Cloud, looking very much like a confused puppy. "Yeah, why?"

"Even if it'd be funny as hell to see you get laughed at by the rest of the army, I think I'd rather spare Aerith the embarrassment. Get over here."

Zack moved closer to Cloud, who was standing in the middle of the room, looking more bewildered by the second. Especially when Cloud went to move Zack's hands to the appropriate position on his body.

"I'm going to teach you how to do a basic waltz so you don't step on Aerith's feet, you two-footed weirdo."

The older boy looked confused for a few more moments, but it cleared up and his grin shone through like the sun peaking through rain clouds after a storm.

"I didn't know you could dance, Cloud."

x-posted to my musebox on IJ, cosmocanyon, where I'm going to start updating more often (in theory).

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