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A Dish Served Cold [23 Jun 2010|08:28pm]
This was the first Yaoi - Slash - M/M - Gay story I wrote.

A Dish Served Cold

I started posting it on 2009-01-22. It has problems, some of which I will try to correct. Not all are easily correctable, I'm afraid. Also, it was riddled with typos. As if the Despot of Typoland had called on all his subjects. "Hey, let's all go to Eury's story and wreak havoc as much as we can. Just remember, when he's looking: hide. When somebody else is reading come forth in all your glory, draw as much attention to yourself as you can. It will embarrass him no end." I swear, I will be known as the Van Helsing of typos in Typoland before I am done. I will hunt them down mercilessly and stamp them out. No doubt some of the little critters will escape...

I hope to repost it fairly quickly, depending on how bored I get with the typo-hunt. In total there will be some sixteen chapters and an epilogue.

So what's it about?

Andrew Ashton grows up in a world very similar to ours, but where slavery has been reintroduced. While trying to deal with growing up gay and looking for romance, the institution of slavery begins to intrude uncomfortably in his life.

Andrew is a spoiled, little rich kid. So are his friends. He's not a bad person. He's just a bit conceited. He knows he will one day inherit the family fortune, so who cares about grades, work or whatever. He discovers that people seem to find him reasonably attractive, which only goes to confirm him in his complacency.

Little rich kids have their troubles too. He realizes he's gay and that he has a major crush on his best friend Sean Denham, the youngest scion of a political dynasty. In his society slavery is an accepted institution. More, it is regarded as a vital component to keep the economy running smoothly. It is the least of Andrew's concerns, wrapped up as he is in his own romantic troubles.

That is, until the institution of slavery becomes more and more a real, even menacing factor.

At the time I wrote in the Warning:

This story is definitely 18+. There will be smut, though not as much as you might expect. There will be non-con, rape, physical and mental torture, extreme humiliation, domination and slavery. But there also will be romance, true love, loyalty and sincere friendship. There will be fiendish plots, betrayals and cruel destinies. But there also will be sweet revenge and healing redemption. And lots and lots of angst.

I will try to take you on a roller coaster from the smutty to the mushy. I will try to rip your guts out, but also your heart. I definitely want to make you cry, but I also hope to make you laugh once in a while. Sometimes I will paint you scenes of a very graphical nature but there will be occasions that I will bring you to the very edge and leave it to your imagination to finish what, anyway, couldn't be stopped anymore. I want to touch your most sexual organ: your brain. What you do with your other sexual organs is of course your own affair.

I am a kind person, so I will not brutally rape your mind from the very beginning. The first four, five chapters are relatively mild. Gradually however, the mood will darken and at a certain point events will take a sharp, nasty turn. You will need a strong stomach.

If you should decide to give it a try, please leave a comment (here, or preferably on my own site). I'd love to hear from you

Link: Ximerion
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Dark Tales★Bk I: The Invisible Chains★Chapter 44: Unforgivable [23 Jun 2010|09:51pm]
Chapter 44 of Dark Tales, "Unforgivable" is posted, at the moment for registered readers only.

You can find it here: Ximerion
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