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July 13th, 2009

HAI GAIZ. SUP. [Jul. 13th, 2009|08:31 pm]


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This is totally a week late-

Hello! This is your adoring mod stopping by to give a warm embrace to all the old members and one new one. Over there... In the corner. Hiding. Are you even there? I could continue with the formalities, but I'm already good friends with the lot of you. I love you with all. My. Heart. And of course I'm more than happy to declare:

[info]last_stretch IS OFFICIALLY OPEN ♥

Feel free to make your introduction posts as well as run around wildly. You know. The usual. Also, go ahead and finish anything in the list down below if you have yet to do so. Make my life a bit easier shall we~?

Contact Information
Phone Directory
Spam - Feel free to come up with any design you like. I will be spreading the LS word every pretty soon and the more advertisement we have the better.
Plot Foundry - You have a background history/plot from the last LS spin? Then post it all right here in this wonderful dandy spot so that any future members know what is up as well as current members having the resources to keep up.
Suggestions/Complaints - This is a brand new community and as such we're going to need events to keep everything going. If you have any ideas then throw them at me here. Any and all suggestions are appreciated~
Character Request - Because I know you all have them.
Friend Add/Remove - Last but not least please copy/paste and update your f-lists!

I think that's about it. My hands. They hurt. But it's well worth it~ Love you guys. Have fun. You're awesome.

Uh huh.
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