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How to Play in an AU 101
And just think. This is what we do out of love.

.o1 Characters should not follow canon religiously, but a little canon is alright as long as it is supported by your history.
.o2 Because of this, there is lots of room to be creative with your character's history. But don't go off the wall-crazy. They have their own characterization, after all.
.o3 Storyline is very important to the survival of the community. So logs are a must.
.o4 That being said, story lines and plots are mostly member driven, not mod driven. The mods will organize a comm-wide event on occasion, but if all you are doing is sitting around waiting for the mods to perpetuate the plot, then you'll likely end up getting kicked out due to inactivity. We are not here to hold your hand.
.o5 Further more, it is encouraged that members make logs and backlog events with the incentive of finishing them. Do not bother starting a log if you do not intend to finish them. Dropped logs/threads only subtracts from the fun adventures as well as our respect for you. [lol nah rly. wslu. But... srsly.]
.o6 In other words, you start something you finish. Sometimes it takes a long time to finish logs, so BE INVESTED.
.o7 Which comes to the next point of business. Communication is key. IE. VERY IMPORTANT. Do not be scared to ping other members about plot ideas. We are all friends here. Sure, some are more familiar with each other than others, but it did not start out that way. And don't you want to make new friends with all the awesome people who play here?
.o8 Furthermore, if you don't ping people, NOTHING. HAPPENS. No plot. No events. Nothing to post the required journals about. And then there goes the comm's activity. Sure, the city of Tokyo where the comm is based in is big. But we're a community. So assume that each character here has a connection to each other in one way or another. Or at least will in the near future. FIGURE OUT WHAT THAT IS and create a web of awesome hijinx with it. Otherwise you're just playing with the same people over and over again. And you might as well just have your own musebox if you're gonna do that.
1o. RPing is not to be done in character journal posts. They are to be treated as regular journal postings. Meaning that if you write an action out in a comment, everyone reading the post can see the action being written out and will just think your character's crazy and talking to himself.
11. There are two exceptions for this rule: 1. The phone posts where actions are allowed to be written out in brackets, asterisks, etc; and, very rarely, 2. To inform people when your character leaves the computer for any reason.
12. Character relations in canon do not have to be true in AU. But if you wish them to be, consult mun(s) first. This is a rule we all should know whether we've played canon or AU. If there is no mun for the character yet, then consider the possibility of any potential person applying for said character not wanting to go with your idea. We know you guys are awesome and have wonderful ideas, but not everyone is going to agree to adjust to fit in with your plans.
13. Character angst, drama, and all things that fall in between, are allowed and are indeed ENCOURAGED. We are playing out the character's lives in a modern and mostly real setting. And as we all know, normal lives are filled with angst, drama, and everything in between.
14. That being said, everything that happens in real life does not have to happen in the comm. For example, if there is an earthquake or some other natural disaster in Tokyo in real life, it does not mean that characters will have to react to it in game unless told otherwise by the mods. However, if there is a real life even you wish to happen in the comm, feel free to suggest it to the mods.
15. But also keep in mind, AU is alternate universe but is based on real life. So be realistic with everything your character does. This is a Naruto AU game. Do not, under any circumstances, talk about ninjas killing your family. We will laugh and mock. And then tell you to write "There are no ninjas in this AU" three thousand times on the chalkboard with a one inch piece of chalk.
16. Research isn't a must, but when it comes to roleplaying things in real life, it's always good to have your information backed up.
17. Even though it's an AU game, personality still matters. In fact, it is the most important aspect of your application, your character, and your role in the community. It's what makes the character and is the foundation of how you play them. If you don't have that, there is no point. You might as well join an OC community.
18. The mods don't take themselves very seriously,, but hey, respect is delicious. That being said we know what we're doing and love our members like they were our own. Really. They're like our big, retarded kids from a broken marriage that we pay child support for bi-monthly when the government extracts our drivers licenses. It's love. So, need a mod? Ping us. Do it hard.

We will help. Not because it's our job. But because we want to.

. . .

Alright. A little bit because it's our job. But.

. . .

And don't forget to leave a mark stating that you read this. You know. To earn our love.


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Want to affiliate with us? Leave a comment and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


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Do you like Naruto? Oh? Like RPing, then?

The members are clamoring for the following characters! You up to the challenge?

Updated 09.16.09

Akimichi Chouji
Hataki Kakashi
Uchiha Obito

*Adults: pls. PLS.


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Have any suggestions, complaints or concerns? Comment here! We want this to be a fun community for you, so if you have an idea to improve the comm or if there is something that's bothering you, please tell us!

Comments are screened to protect your privacy.


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Wish to reserve a particular character? Fill out the form here. Be sure to check the taken character list first!

REMEMBER: Reservations will only be held for five days. Once five days have passed and you have not filled out the application yet, the character is up for grabs again!

Do you have a question for a mod, but you're not a member of the community? Request that a mod e-mail/IM you or go here to ask your question!


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[ application ]

.o1 There is a limit to two characters per person.

.o2 Please remember that this roleplay is based in modern-day Tokyo, Japan.

.o3 If you're having trouble deciding on a character, here's a list of needed/requested characters. There's also a reservations post here.

.o4 Make sure you read both the faq and rules before applying!


Name: {real, alias, or nickname}
LJ Username: (a real journal is required here. a code is provided for you.)
Age: {your age}
AIM Screename: {required}
Past RP Experience: {you can use any example here. a snip from past logs or links to other communities you've been in. anything that shows us you've roleplayed before.

Character's Name:
Character's Age:
Character's Model: {whom you wish to portray your character; also known as your PB. please supply name and a sample image}
Year in School: {freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. if character is not in college, what are they doing that keeps them in the surrounding area?}
Major / Minor: {if applicable; if your character hasn't decided, say so} [see below]*
Clubs / Activities / Job?: [see below]*

Background History: {minimum 300 words - nothing is truly 'canon' in an alternate universe setting such as this. so feel free to go wild and use your imagination to it's fullest capability! creativity is very important here. if you plan on playing a character that depends on another for some aspects of plot [ex: Hyuuga / Zabuza-Haku / Orochimaru-Kabuto / Madara-Tobi-Izuna] do not write them in unless the character exists already in the community and you have planned something out with them. with that in mind, keep mentioning of another character in your application down to a minimum. your application is all about your numero uno character and that is the one we want to see the most out of.}

Personality/Likes & Dislikes: {minimum 300 words - there's bound to be quite a bit about your character that makes them a special snowflake. you have your chance to tell us about it right here. what are their talents or aspirations? details and more details, please. what makes them who they are and why? describe their personality to a tee. paint a picture with your summary and assume that you are the only one who knows everything about this character.}

Writing Sample: {minimum 300 words each - our requirement is for you to write both a first and third person sample in order to show your grasp on the character in the two formats that dominate the community. prompts are optional as they are only there to help aid you with the writing examples. feel free to be as imaginative as possible.}

- Interview
- Out past curfew
- This one time at ___ camp...
- First day of class / work / etc,.

First Person

Third Person

Other Notes:
Any Questions:


Copy this:


*Any and all actual college majors and club/sports can be found here.


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[ faq ]

*Dorm rooms? - Located just a little distanced from the school sits the dorms. Not the only *dorms around but they are un-named and really just there. You don't need to have a dorm as your character can live alone if they so wish to. If you wish to have your characters room together, go ahead. Dorms will be as fallows:

Dorm A - All girls
Dorm B - All boys
Dorm C - Co-ed

*Can the teachers give assignments? - If your character is a professor you can post assignments on the bulletin board and if you're an English professor, those taking any English courses will have to complete it. It is up to the player if they really want to do the assignment but it makes for good fun to see what you can come up with. Also, mingling via teacherxteacher is encouraged.

Teachers have lives as well, do they not?

*What goes where?
-Third person RPing, AKA "logging" goes in the main community with the following:

-Journals are for first person RPing, and they act as a regular online journal, but it is for your character.

-The bulletin board is like a journal, but it's just something where anything can be posted. Memes, homework assignments, or advertisements for clubs or work, can go there. Also included are lovely anonymous insults and the like. Young adults have every right to be just as immature as teenagers after all.

*Where is this school located? What is it like in the surrounding area?

-This roleplay is based in modern-day Japan. As is expected in most places, the city is busy and full of noise. Just outside the towering buildings though lies the college and shops that are favored by the students for those days where you don't want to go too far. But the school is just close enough for those that DO live in the downtown area.

There are shady areas of course, as many places have. But everything is there in a compact package.

* Last Stretch Chat

Feel free to ask questions, as I'm sure there is plenty more some people would like covered.



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[ rules ]

1. Respect the other members; we're aiming to keep a fun and friendly environment. If there are drama issues OOC, do not let it influence IC. If the situation becomes too big and nasty that it's out of your hands, please contact a mod. We will help as well as we can to clear the issue. Again, no drama is allowed here outside of IC Character conflict.

2. Slash, femmeslash, and het are all welcome here (threesomes, too)--rating can range from G to PG-13 without warnings. R and NC-17 posts should be labeled with warnings, and f-locked. Do NOT flag any entries on the community.

3. Please stay IC in the main community. We take 'in character' very seriously. There is an OOC community for any side conversations you may want to have.

4. God modding is a no. As is unwanted [read: negative] criticism on how someone plays their character [flaming].

5. STAY ACTIVE. This is self-explanatory. There is a hiatus post for if you are unable to manage this over a certain period of time. Two weeks is the maximum hiatus time so if you must for any longer than that then speak to a mod or please drop.

Also, if you know that you will not be active in the community please do not bother applying. It's a hassle to the mods to constantly correct information on your behalf.

6. If you are ever to want to leave the community, make a clear post on the OOC community after replying to the hiatus/dropping post and completing the actions listed there.

7. You are required to have a PB. This means: You need to have a real life model to represent your character. With the taken characters is a list of the ones already in use. No, you cannot have the same PB as another player. If a model is hard to find for your chosen character, a mod can assist you.

Good places to look for a PB model:

8. Pay attention to your spelling and grammar. If you're showing a pattern of being incapable of writing coherently after an initial warning, we will ask you to step down from your character.

9. Memes. If a character posts a meme, do not post your result in your own journal. If you want your character to interact due to the other player's results, reply to their post, and your result will be shared that way. This is only to prevent f-list spamming, but is very important.

There is an exception to this rule, which is memes that honestly have to do with the characterization of your character such as "Ask me a question about my character and I'll respond with a small essay.", or a few others.

Also, every so often, a mod will put up a "HOWS MY DRIVING" post for everyone to mingle in.

10. Those of you that wish to apply as characters not yet in college are free to do so. But they will not be included in college activities. You are free, though, to go about and set up a 'history' of some sort with the other characters due to the respects of the player.

11. You must be at least 17 years of age in order to apply. No minors are allowed in the game! While researching international law, seventeen appeared to be the most common age for a legal adult. So the minimum age allowed in the RP is officially seventeen.

12.. No sharing of personal journal amongst non-players! This rule is actually very serious. Your personal journal is meant for you and you alone. Sharing it means allowing someone outside the community to see things they have no permission to view.

13.. You must have AIM. This is the most commonly used client that players use in the community. It will ensure contact with everyone as well as being a sure and easier way for moderators and players to contact you.

14. Please put large or non worksafe images under a friend's cut! Be considerate of the other players' friends list!

15. If you are making a post in the IC main community, please tag your entries! They'll be better to keep track of in the future.

16. Have fun! The most important rule! ♥

Rules continued here.