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Feb 15 AT 11:15PM
This is my legacy~

Hay. I've been meaning to post this here, but I forgot. I post my legacy at dothesmustle at livejournal, but I figured ~why not post here, too~

This is the tag

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Nov 21 AT 09:08PM

In an attempt to keep this community alive, I have revamped it graphically.

- new profile & main layouts. ([info]sims)
- soon there will be a mood theme to go with it all.
- more promotion banners will be made.

I'm doing all of this so please please PLEASE update! I can only do so much to make this community active. It's you all that have to post legacies, funny pictures, questions, ANYTHING in order to keep it active!


Sep 21 AT 05:41PM

The sims 3 is coming out in February 2009!

Official Sims 3 Website

Also, this account is now the owner of this community & I'll be updating every few weeks from now on with Sims finds. :]

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Mar 27 AT 04:40PM

Okay so

Open Contests (up for grabs):

Attractive Male Sim
Attractive Female Sim
Residential Lot
Community Lot
Sim Outfit (all ages & genders)
Mini Story
You can also make up your own area if you'd like!

Fill This Out For Male Sim, Female Sim, Lots, & Sim Outfits:

Fill This Out For Legacy & Mini Story:

Need an Idea? (For Legacies & Mini Stories)
Getting Started on a Legacy.
An Asylum!
Clue (like the board game/movie).
I don't know, I just entered in one word at & came up with like 3 ideas. If you need any help you can always ask me, I seem to be going through a creative burst right now so might as well milk it for all it's worth. :]

At The End of April, there will be a poll for the winners!
The winner will receive an award to put in their userinfo/journal!

If you'd like to suggest another prize then please comment here with your ideas.


Feb 25 AT 09:14AM

I need another MOD.
I'm too busy with my other communities to just own this by myself.

You have to have the following:
1. Knowledge in downloading custom content,
2. Common sense.
3. Good amount of free time, but you certainly could be gone for weeks from here without hesitation.
4. Past modding skill preferred but not required.

Anyone up for it?

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Feb 22 AT 10:31AM


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Feb 20 AT 07:13AM

My first legacy! If you want to know what a really great legacy writer looks like, then go here. That's really brilliant. SO funny!
Anywho, back to my first, crappy legacy!

First comes marriage.. )

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Feb 19 AT 01:15AM

Testing :]

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