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Intro [Jan. 6th, 2008|11:36 pm]
[mood | okay]
[music |Hell's Coming With Me by Iris]

This is an RP journal. :)

I personally am expecting a rather busy quarter. I work and attend classes for speech pathology and audiology. This (Winter 2008) will be my first quarter in clinic!

I am always open to meeting new, fellow RPers, though. My characters are "original," though I may have derived ideas from sources I may by now have forgotten. I RP casually, and use the journal as if my characters are writing in it rather than myself. I also implement YIM, where they also use it as if they were using YIM rather than myself.. if they're on their SN. If I'm on my personal YIM SN, I RP them as if they're 'live,' reminiscent of the AOL chat RP style, as that is where I began my RPing roots.

I prefer male/male relationships, simply because I like the eye candy. :x I lean towards slim, pretty guys rather than anything very masculine. My RPs tend to focus more on a small core group of characters, where I can develop their internal dynamics and emotions. Emotions are a big thing for me. I'm not very grounded - and you will find that in my main character. I'm a Pisces, see, and I developed many of my characters off different aspects of myself. :) I enjoy deep, but fluffy connections that generate tensions. I'm a complete romantic, but I am able to touch back onto earth every now and then. ;*

I do not have Nazi-like RP tendencies. Sometimes, I will not have researched a particular aspect enough - though I try. I am not concerned about extreme accuracy, just general accuracy. I am open to mixing OOC with IC (where I can talk to an interact with my own character like they were "muses" in my head), but I can also keep them separate like traditional RP characters. You will find that I feel MOST comfortable if I am able to chat about characters and the situations they're in as if they're from an episode in a TV show. I love chatting about and sharing my characters. :D

I'd love to meet with anyone looking for an RP that is casual and somewhat mature.. if you can be immaturely mature. Joke! Dick around! Or fuck around lol. I misspelled "dick" as "fick." Anyway, feel free to contact me if an RP wif meh might sound interestin'! x)


Best quote(s):

"The Republican National Committee announced today that the Republican Party is changing its emblem from an elephant to a condom. They explained that the condom more clearly reflects the party's stance today, because a condom accepts inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're getting screwed." - unknown .-.

>.>; just interrupted my surgery and planted my dick to the wall, how do you think I am?.. - Kiken Enji, Da Lazer Mann, man! Pew pew!

Mah milkshake brings all the cows to the barn, and they're like,"Moo." o.o - Teh Mel-mun :o

Dal: o_______________O ::humps right off his chair, falling onto his face:: @#$%^&*( - Melmo~ >o

What the fuck is happening? What's up with Mozart? Why's -- .. ooh. Something happened. Somebody tell me right quick, 'else I stew y'all's faces in raw underwear. >:/ - da Mo0nsTer to.. everyone in general .-.;

"no it's got to be mucho long 'cos he impregnated Mary from heaven, man
it just
looks like a ray of light" - Emmeh <3

"Cookies! xD Candy. Smarties! That's what they did to me in gradeschool." - Emmeh

Lena: ..I smell Tuna :o
Melmo: Ryoko, close your legs.

" I didn't know Jesus was a model O.o Broody Jesus Doped up Jesus Cool Jesus"
-- Melmo

Indi: What do you need bandaids for?
Danel: his broken heart, asshole

...My face broke. D: - Libbie

A little old lady came up to a group of us today and was talking about Heaven and Hell and the devil, which was supposed to somehow tie into why she was so happy to see exchange students... O.o Then she biked off to find us a ramen shop but we ended up at a sushi bar instead. - Kat, my friend who just arrived in Japan to study abroad on Aug 2006.

You have a diseased, cancerous penis! - dear, lovely Fawn, on the green penis lolly I chose to keep from Wen's return-from-Japan gifts to us. B(

Santriel: I don't care about making them feel guilty, I just want to eat them out for being so troublesome.
Me: ................................
Me: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Me: you mean chew them out?


Iwabuchinko: ...Kamiya. I think your thighs are very pretty.
Kamiya: O_o Huh!?
Iwabuchinko: I'm always looking at you from below, so I thought I should tell you this one day while I have the chance. They are like a work of art.
Iwabuchinko: ...Am I really?


Kamiya: Hey.. Iwabuchi, my chinko's also crying.
Iwabuchi: What's wrong?
Kamichinko: ::Peeks out and trembles:: They said "chinko".. ;~;
Kamichinko: Why are they *sob* making fun of me because I'm a chinko? *sob* ::droops:: I'm so sad. ;_;
Iwabuchi: It's not your fault. A chinko is actually something important. ::Patpat:: Good boy.
Kamiya: Stop comforting him!! ><


Kamiya's cell phone text message: "How are you doing, body? Pee-pee is bored. >< Please reply! - Pee-pee"
Kamiya: ... ::Stares at his phone with a look of "Oh my fucking god, I just got a text message from my penis..."::
Kamichinko: ::Eagerly awaiting his body's reply:: ^-^ ♥
Iwabuchi: ......


Chintsubu Puchi Paraphrase/Guesslation

Kamiya: Muha~ Beer after a bath sure feels great! xD
Iwabuchinko: Kamiya, you're only still in high school. Stop drinking! Since we're attached, your alcohol consumption will affect me, too! e_e
Kamiya: ::Grins mischievously:: ..Oh? Sounds interesting.. >:3
Iwabuchinko: Kamiya.. You can't be.. o_o

After some time..

Kamiya: AHAHAHAHA!! How's that, Iwabuchinko? Look, this is the sixth can! #xD#
Iwabuchinko: ::Looking tipsy:: S.. Stop.. If you don't stop.. #@_o#;;
Kamiya: ::More drunken maniacal cackling:: Alright! Let's get serious now and make things even more interesting! ::removes his boxers::
Iwabuchinko: Kamiya, w-what are you doing? D:
Kamiya: ::Squeezes his thighs together and pours the entire contents of the can into his crotch:: Time to die~~ ^w^
Iwabuchinko: Nnnoooo~~ ::struggles to keep from drowning in the beer puddle in Kamiya's thighs::
Kamiya: Hahaha, how's that? Isn't it fun~ xD
Iwabuchinko: ..... ::drowning::
Kamiya: ..o.o.. Uh.. Hey, Iwabuchinko? Are you okay? ::begins to panic:: ..Hoshit! Hang in there! D:
Iwabuchinko: .....Ka~mi~ya..
Kamiya: ::Looks relieved and smiles a bit:: Chinko..
Iwabuchinko: Eeehheeh.. ::Appears as a hideous drooling monster:: Iiiiii'mmunna stick my head into that cuuuute little arsehole of yours~ B)
Kamiya: ... ::Jaw drops open:: ..Huh? D:<
Iwabuchinko: ::Swings around drunkenly:: Uwahaha, and your tongue..
Kamiya: ::Horrified:: O.. OMFG.. O_o

Iwabuchi: ::Cell phone rings; he picks up:: Hello?
Kamiya: ::On the other end:: AAAGGGHHH!! Iwabuchiii~!
Iwabuchi: O_o ::Jaw drops open in horror from the screams:: Kamiya!? What's wrong??
Kamiya: Heeeelllppp~!
Iwabuchi: ::Bursts into Kamiya's room:: Kamiya!?
Kamiya: ::Curled up naked and struggling on the bed:: I-Iwabuchi~~ #.~.#
Iwabuchi: ::Shock:: Wh.. What the hell's going on?..;;..
Kamiya: I.. I.. Your chinko drank some beer and.. and became freaky! #._.#
Iwabuchinko: ::Biting/Sucking on Kamiya's inner thigh:: Fufufufu, such.. siillky thiighs.. B3
Iwabuchi: ..WTF O_o
Kamichinko: ::Peeks out:: What's going on..? o.o;
Iwabuchinko: Uwwaaa, come, Kamichinko, let's have some fuunnn~ ::tries to snuzzle against Kamichinko:: B3
Kamichinko: ::Pulls away:: Hee! You reek of alcohol! ><
Iwabuchinko: Come onnn~ Let's get busy together~ Hrhr 8*
Kamichinko: NO~! Don't wanna!! X<
Iwabuchi: ::Smacks Iwabuchinko:: Hey! Stop that and get a hold of your senses!
Iwabuchinko: What'd you say, you good-for-nothing Mr. Glasses? BO
Iwabuchi: Eh?
Iwabuchinko: Heh heh heh.. I am your chinko, so I know eeeverything~ Like your fantasies of Kamiya.. B] You're at the top of the staircase where the crime takes place.. You seize him from the back. He seems to try to be getting away, but you forcefully penetrate him. Isn't that the kind of dream you have? B) You're a desperate foo~ol who has these kinds of images of beautiful people etched in your mind. Specifically, Kamiya's form often seems to emerge..
Iwabuchi: SHUT UP! ::grabs Iwabuchinko with a murderous look on his face::
Kamiya: o.o;; I-Iwabuchi--
Iwabuchi: ::Chafes the taunting chinko furiously, knocking Kamiya down:: This stupid chinko! I'll shut you up! Shut you up!!
Kamiya: ::Collapses onto his elbows:: Hey! Wait! D:
Iwabuchi: You'll regret you ever said that! You'll regret it!!
Kamiya: ::Looks panicked/pained from the chafing:: Iwabuchii~ W-Waaitt~ #DDD:#

A while later..

Iwabuchinko: Ugh.. e_e..
Kamiya: ..Looks like you finally came to, you stupid chinko.
Iwabuchinko: Kamiya.. what.. what have I been doing up until now? e_e
Kamiya: ... ::Gets a pissed look on his face:: You can't possibly.. You mean to say you don't remember anything that happened?? The things you said..?
Iwabuchinko: ..Nope. Forgot. o.o B-But I do remember you looked like you were having fun with the beer! And then.. it kind of.. no memory after that.. .-.
Kamiya: ::thinks to himself, holding his hands to a red face:: So he forgot.. I guess it's no use.. =^=


Iwabuchinko: It's because you walk around with that face. That's why you attract attention.
Kamiya: O.o Huh? What face?
Iwabuchinko: ... With that cute face! #:|#
Kamiya: ... O.o;
Kamiya: Don't be gross!..;;.. ><
Iwabuchinko: It's not gross! It's the truth!

And now a serious one:

Never try to understand the students. They hate it. They would much rather be tragically misunderstood, wallow in self pity, stew in their own-- - Phineas Black from book 5 of Harry Potter


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