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Date: 2010-07-08 12:07
Subject: Continuation on the computing situation at hand....
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So after I took Harvey (my laptop) into the nerds on Tuesday I discovered my problem was that Havery somehow started to hate my dock. What. The. Fuck.

Anyways, I temporarily went around this issue by just plugging everything I plugged into the dock manually. System working, I'm no longer in an uncomfortable position all was okay. But then I discovered my virtual memory was being a bitch and by bitch I mean filling up in 4 hours (normally it takes 4 days of not being turned off to fill 4 GB of RAM). To fix this I just restart. Only to have the computer crash again after restarting. Le sigh.

After talking to both the nerds and my father (engineer, computing science degree, been using computers since back when they had punch cards) and sister (did four years of computer hardware repair and ran the computing center help desk at her university) and all three groups said I should re-install my OS or upgrade my OS. So now I have a shinny new copy of Windows 7 on my machine. Whee~

So far its working okay, I have to get a new copy of Microsoft Office (le sigh) and re-install my messengers and the like. It's moving into the computer all over again. Thankfully Windows 7 is such that I can actually find things (which I can't on Vista). Anyways I should be fully functional sometime this weekend if all goes well. And by fully functional I mean running all my programs and with all my files back.

I hope Harvey with 7 will take well to the dock. I like my dock, its very nice.

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