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Date: 2010-08-09 15:16
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Now that I know the reason my maintenance has been delayed I feel a bit better. Apparently two toilets and three more hot water heaters have broken since I prodded them to fix my ceiling. The manager had no idea I hadn't been informed. She actually got up and apologized to me and made a note right then and there to harass the maintenance guy in person about it. She asked me if I was okay since she'd read that things not being on time causes kind of horrible anxiety in autistic people (which it does, btw). I told her I used some tricks for thinking about it to prevent me from stressing out horribly bad, and that I was okay.

So yay for moving forward with the manager on that. And yay for her doing some research, it makes me feel so much better to know that she understands what jerking around does to me.

On a different note I was able to help some guys jump their car and they complemented me on my Zelda shirt. :3

And then I got a 'I LOVE YOU GUYS!' text my mom who is out of state atm. ^^

Life is looking good for me today.

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