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Date: 2010-08-17 15:32
Subject: If everything is nothing, then are we anything?
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Well I got around to finally catching up completely on my role play reading! Joy! I have always made a habit of reading all threads to see if there's one I wanted to join or not. Since I'm a moderator now, I feel I should be reading threads for the sake of moderating on top of my curiosity as a player. Not that there's a lot of moderating to be done (you RPers are pretty good about staying within rules on your own- yay!), but it is important to me, at least as event mod, to make sure people are actually following event instructions because I'm not just a barking kind of person, I bite too.

I'm the type that tells you I'll bite you before you I do it though as I hate being unaware of the consequences and then being caught by surprise when they are followed through. I don't mean to be a hard ass about it, it probably comes off that way though. I'm just very black and white about things because I hate miscommunication- which is a word (go screw yourself spell check).

In other news I scored some ridiculously awesome axles for my ASME project. Somehow I always find what I need for engineering stuff at the arts and crafts store. >.> No seriously. Speedball ink rollers are perfect for what I'm trying to do (light weight, pre-aligned axle, rubber gripness). It's so randomly awesome that way. My poor group leader is not going to like hearing I spent $45 bucks on them though. ._.;;

Somehow I seem to provide the more expensive portions of the device. While I don't mind this, it's always kind of a funny thing for me to think about. So far I've spent about $70 bucks for proof of concept stuff for machine version 4.0. Our team leader limited us to $100 each- but if my idea works.....

Then we'll have the blasted hopper problem freaking solved. Everything will be cheese and apples and delicious awesomeness if we fix that. The hopper system is what's really making/breaking our machine. Getting it to work opens up amazing doors for us, like the door to victory.

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