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Date: 2011-02-13 15:27
Subject: Picutres of Paintings!
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This is an image intensive post!
However, it is work safe.

The first set of paintings you will see here are the 5 from my Squash series. Each one had a different requirement, but all of them are in fact the same subject: an acorn squash. All were done in acrylic paint, something I'm not horribly familiar with and are posted in chronological order by start date. The order I finished them in was: 4, 3, 5, 1, 2.

Squash #1: Monochromatic with dominate hand-
(I used my right hand for this one. Just starting to get the hang of acrylic and its insanely fast drying time.)

Squash #2: Monochromatic with non-dominate hand-
(For those who are curious, I'm actually ambidextrous. So yeah, no decrease in quality just because I was using my left hand here.)

Squash #3: "Whatever you want*" (*- assuming what you want is a realistic piece)-
(I was not supposed to have a gradient background, but I had already made it when the teacher verified that I was not allowed to do that. So she let me keep it since it was pretty. This painting features me learning how to schumble- aka smack a layer of white paint onto an already dry surface.)

Squash #5: "Whatever you want*, revisited" (*- assuming what you want is a realistic piece)-
(Not much to say here other than my snapshot photography managed to make the purple background look black. And that this is my favorite of the lot.)

Squash #4: Abstraction-
(To remind the viewer that the squash was once a flower, I decided to paint all of my highlights black and show them these petals of darkness.)

End squash series


The next set of images features snapshots of my workspace and three in-progess pieces. The first two were already turned in, one is an underpainting in need of glazing the other is a piece in need of repair. Both were done with oil. The final piece is an acrylic in progress.

Workspace Shot 1:

Workspace Shot 2:

Pineapple underpaiting:

40 Shapes: (This is the one that got hit by a towel, next image is a close up of the damage)

40 Shapes, damage shot:

Other In-Progress:

This is a socio-political and/or personal reflection piece. I think anyone who knows me can guess the subject matter I'm choosing to address.

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Drew: AdventureTime_FinnBigEyesAndNodding
User: [info]urgent
Date: 2011-02-14 00:48 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)

Holy fuck those paintings are awesome. /shocked and awed

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Child of the Fey: HiruSmirkHelmet
User: [info]bar_ohki
Date: 2011-02-14 00:51 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)

Each painting has about 10 hours of work into it. Some, like the oils, have more. And the in progress one only has like 15 minutes of work, in my defense that's a huge canvas!

Thanks though! I'm happy I can finally have something to share!

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