The Salvage of my Sanity... - Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.... RANT!?
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Date: 2009-12-29 20:47
Subject: Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.... RANT!?
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Tags:legend of zelda, rant, review, spirit tracks

I'm only spoiling part of the first 5 minutes of gameplay here. So no worries.

I want to kick someone's ass! No seriously, Link had this epic steam punk engineer's outfit and you lose it not even 5 minutes into the game! That's just unfair! I was really looking forward to seeing Link in something other than green but no-! You can't even keep him in the engineering outfit as long as he stayed in his normal clothes in Wind Waker! Gah! It's no fair! No fair at all!

I mean look at this! Why can't I have enjoyed that in my gameplay?! Grrr!

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