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Child of the Fey
Date: 2010-05-27 09:48
Subject: A very random post
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Tags:anime, manga, one outs, review

In preparation for the [info]fandom20in20 thing I'm doing, I decided to go out and download the entire One Outs manga (view what little of the translation they have online here). Mostly because I just wanted to maximize my references for images to use. Because I make a point not to download videos, I'm kind of stuck having to screen shot the streamed anime if I wanted to use images from there. Oh well, I'll just have to be more creative then.

One Outs is a pretty fascinating sports series as it falls under psychological as well. The main guy, Tokuchi Toua, is a cool, calm, and secretly a very ferocious and cruel gambler. He mind-fucks his opponent, insults them, then mocks them when they lose. Kind of like Hiruma Youichi in many respects (the biggest difference between the two being that Toua doesn't do the batshit insane or the blackmailing bit). If the stuff I read was right, Hiruma was loosely based off of a real person (also named Hiruma) who was a baseball pitcher that bleached his hair, gambled, and threw balls no one could hit. I think Toua might have had the same inspiration, so I'm personally taking them to be estranged cousins.

God that'd make an epic fanfiction.

My personal amusement about One Outs is that there are no actual pairings implied in the manga or anime but in the extras of the manga (something that can be arguably cannon), its very apparent that Toua is a drag queen and everyone on his team seems to want to get in his pants. Its kind of cute the way they do it. I'm kind of favoring Toua-Ideguchi myself. Mostly because I find Ideguchi to be a sexy-ass bastard with his beard of awesome. And there's the whole pitcher-catcher thing you could argue too. 

Not to mention, unlike most of the idiots on the team, Ideguchi is actually very intelligent. He's just not devious like Toua is. 

Uh yeah, I'm just babbling about how awesome I find this series. Good story.

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Child of the Fey
Date: 2010-05-25 16:46
Subject: Click, click~
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Tags:anime, review, video games

 Just watch this.

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