he's not gonna go quote poetry, he's not gonna be thinking about you every moment, but he'll give you a part of him that he knows only you can break. don't hurt him, don't change him, don't expect more than he can give. try not to over-analyze, smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he's not there..

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01/27/08 hi
mood + happy

so yeah i have nothing to say right now except that this dork told me to write something so here it is and i heart you dork! hahah well um yeah
i am still a dumb high school kid who got into UMBC =) and hopefully high school will end...NOW cuz its very boring and i dont like alot of people in there anymore and i love bubbletea!!! (mocha frappucino with bubbles!) possibly the best drink EVER! i want another one now even though the dork bought me one last night, yay! um the end =)
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