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Sandra ([info]bestfriend) wrote,
@ 2008-01-27 10:15:00

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Current mood: happy
Entry tags:dork bubble tea dumb high school

so yeah i have nothing to say right now except that this dork told me to write something so here it is and i heart you dork! hahah well um yeah
i am still a dumb high school kid who got into UMBC =) and hopefully high school will end...NOW cuz its very boring and i dont like alot of people in there anymore and i love bubbletea!!! (mocha frappucino with bubbles!) possibly the best drink EVER! i want another one now even though the dork bought me one last night, yay! um the end =)

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2008-01-27 04:23 pm UTC (link)
who is this dork you speak of?
& no, that's not the best drink ever. PAPAYA flavor is the best, or Starbucks' green tea frappuccino.

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2008-01-27 04:35 pm UTC (link)
this dork i speak of is another average asian who likes to play loud marques houston music and steal my bed when she sleepsover but all of that is ok because she bought me bubbletea once and it was amazing, it was a frap with bubbles..therefore its the best of the world. papaya smell bad and anyone who goes to starbucks wastes their money, i win =)o an she likes techno=ey msuci, which is nice and she never smells bad but she curses alot, is that normal?

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Re: hii
2008-01-27 04:38 pm UTC (link)
don't pretend you don't love Marques Houston. I know you do.
not if you're a pimp and other people pay for you.... MORE THAN ONCE ^.^

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