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brianne kelly
Date: 2008-12-01 22:25
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Name: Becca/Bex
Age: 21, but I'm definitely not mature enough for this.
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Name: Lucretia Black
Age: 36
House: Slytherin

History: She tells people she had a solid gold pacifier, but really, she didn't have a pacifier at all. But, being the daughter of Arcturus and Melani, not many people challenged her facts. Until the age of four, Lucretia was spoiled and lavished with everything her parents could spare. And then her brother, Orion, was born. Nevermind, though, because she was still their only daughter, and the spoiling and lavishing continued--she hardly even noticed that she had a brother. Rarely did they ever see one another, aside from formal gatherings and at meals. All of this continued until she went to Hogwarts.

When under the Hat, Lucretia faced a challenge she'd never faced before. The Sorting Hat, in all of its wisdom, said that Lucretia would do quite well in Ravenclaw. The travesty! thought Lucretia, for I already have emerald robes! After much mindful discussion, the pressure of her Slytherin parents and cousins and aunts and uncles made Lucretia talk the Hat into choosing Slytherin for her. Whether or not she would have done well in Ravenclaw, who knows? Lucretia was always meant to be a Slytherin: That is why she is a Black.

Lucretia found new ways of earning presents and new types of lavishing while at Hogwarts. Fancy jewlery pieces were replaced with praise by teachers; the finest fabrics were now the jealousy of her peers. While not particularly popular, she was generally well liked, and the meanest thing people had to say was that she was just too bloody rich.

It took her a bit longer than others to find a suitable husband. She had known Ignatius for quite some time, but after only a few months of casual dating, they decided that clocks were ticking and it was time for them to settle down and start a family. It may have been fast, but this is Lucretia, afterall. She drew in Ingatius and both fell madly in love. Nothing in their marriage has been perfect, but they still adore each other like crazy, and will do so until they die.

Well, Ignatius wanted a family. Over her dead body would Lucretia push a watermellon out of---yes, well, it just was not for her. It just didn't seem dignified! She convinced Ignatius that she had been ill and lost the ability to have children, and the poor boy believed her. They never had children. Perhaps that is why Lucretia and Ignatius have fewer wrinkles than their family members.

Personality: Lucretia, more than anything, is easily manipulated. Her desire to please family and friends causes her to lose her backbone, and often results in her doing and saying things that may backfire. What's worse, the woman is completely impracticle. Why spend money on food, when one can buy a dress that is far too fancy for even a Black Family Affair? Luckily, women are rarely put in charge of their finances, and her dear husband keeps an eye on her terrible spending habits. Blame the ridiculous spending on her huge dreams of romance and glamour; mystery and intrigue! Lucretia knows that if someday there were a dreadful murder at the Black home, she could put the evidence together and solve the crime, thus becoming the favorite of all Black women and perhaps earn those new emerald earrings she saw last summer.

A strong warning: Manipulate Lucretia all you wish, but she was in Slytherin for a reason. She can, in fact, fight back when she feels her reputation may be injured due to your inability to consider her well-being in your cunning plans. Lucretia knows how to cut a deal, and she also knows how to break it if necessary.

When Lucretia is not being manipulated or being overly ridiculous, she's adoring her family. Particularly her favorite (and ONLY) nephew, Regulus. Knowing she will never have children of her own, she already has planned to leave all her belongings to Regulus--maybe some of her jewelery to the girls, if they behave themselves. Lucretia is extremely compassionate when things are going well in her life, and she can even put aside her own greed to give luxuries to her family. If expecting a Christmas present from Lucretia, you can expect something lavish, pompous, glamourous, and useless. Enjoy!

Her strong connection to the spiritual side of life makes her extremely talented in Divination and Astronomy, although she often hides these talents for fear of ostrization by the family. Divination has never been highly revered in the Black family. She's terribly fascinated with the afterlife, but tries to focus on the beauty of life (usually by frosting it with jewels and riches).

Finally, Lucretia is very good at reading people. Since Lucretia is fairly unassuming and quiet (particularly when she feels there may be juicy news floating about), people may inadvertantly share secrets in front of her. She's easily overseen until she's needed, but she can still turn a few heads at Black Family Affairs. She can work a room: How else do you think she gained the attention of Ignatius Prewett?

Reputation: Lucretia is generally well liked. She falls in and out of favor, depending on who's manipulating her to do their bidding at any given moment. For example, when Druella recruited her to discuss the family china with Walburga, Walburga did not speak to her for a good week. She will fiddle her way back into good standing with any family member. For the most part, however, few people even remember Lucretia is around, especially since she has no children to consider.

Details: Lucretia does believe in The Cause, and that's important to note. To be fair, she doesn't actually understand most of it, and therefore, keeps her mouth shut about such things. Ignatius keeps saying things that disagree with most the family, and that worries her a bit, but she shuts her mouth and does her hair instead.

First Person Sample:
Dearest Iggy,

I cannot even find words to express how much I miss you! I am afraid I have gone a bit aloof without you here to settle me. It has been a bit too lonely, although sweet Regulus has come to visit to keep me company. He is such a good boy. He has grown a good five inches since we saw him last! I took him shopping in town the other day, since his pants were a bit too short (and honestly, Walburga at times misses the fashion of the day completely), and who do you think we saw but that dreadful boy, Sirius. He was there with that family who took him in. Honestly, I have never seen such an unkempt child in all my life. It was ghastly! You should have seen the look he gave Regulus; if looks could kill, he would be in Azkaban right now, the dreadful thing.

Darling, I could not help but wonder, considering my growing lonliness without you near, whether or not we should consider a pet of some sort. With no sweet children of our own, and Regulus soon off to school once again, and your trips becoming more and more frequent, I was hoping you could bring me back something to give me company. Perhaps something fluffy?

And remember, a nice necklace is always a delightful gift to bestow upon your lovely wife upon return.

I miss you madly, Iggy. Do return safely and quickly.

All my love,
Your Lucy

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brianne kelly
Date: 2008-07-19 20:15
Subject: write another travellin' song
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I'm from New Millford, Connecticut. It's dull. Lifeless. The biggest news to hit the town in ten years was that my twelve-year-old brother died of leukemia. It happens, and it happened to us, and now we have to deal with it. I'm dealing with it by postponing my entrance into Point Park University and traveling. After all, I haven't seen much in New Millford.

I figured if I'm traveling, and I'm delaying my degree in Photojournalism, then I should at least be taking pictures. So here I am. Alone, nineteen, with hardly any money and a thirst to take pictures of America. Nerdy, I know. I can't help it.

My biggest regret is I didn't take enough pictures of Jacob.

No. I don't miss my friends, or my parents. Maybe that's selfish of me, and honestly, I don't care. I'm happy.

List of Places to See
Pittsburgh (will deal with this when I get to school)
Cape Cod
San Fran
Las Vegas

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