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Ficlet: At Thy Will
Title: At Thy Will
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character: Ichiro (OC)
Rating: PG
Summary: A twenty-year-old Ichiro takes the first step in choosing a bride.
Notes: Takes place about four years after the series finale.

Ichiro had always known he would be expected to marry.

He was his Lord Father's firstborn son by decree of the Firelord and therefore would have to carry on the family line. He wouldn't be the only one, of course -- all six of Daimyo Torao's children had that duty to look forward to. Well, maybe not Kouji. His fear of girls had only worsened as he hit his teenage years.

Ichiro had always known he would be expected to marry, but it wasn't really something that preyed on his mind. It was just a fact of life. Certainly it hadn't been a factor in breaking up with Liu.

He had liked Liu, had liked what they had, but in the end it wouldn't have worked out. Earth Kingdom homophobia and Ichiro's hatred of cities aside, Liu was Dai Li. Dai Li, and devoted to Long Feng. If Long Feng had ordered Ichiro killed... well, maybe Liu wouldn't have done it. But he wouldn't have saved him, either.

That knowledge had pretty much been the final nail in the coffin.

But that had been three years ago.

Ichiro was nearly twenty-one now, and his Lord Father was rather strongly hinting that he needed to settle down.

Well, fine. Ichiro knew what he wanted to do with his life. The problem was getting the lands to do it with. On the one hand, he could court and marry a Fire noble. The problem there was that Ichiro had very little patience for his supposed peers, especially after spending most of his life in the Earth Kingdom as a colonist, a noble's son, and incognito.

On the other hand, he could court and marry an Earth girl, noble or not. Of course, then he would have to deal with his Lord Father's attitudes about Earthfolk, and she would have to deal with Daimyo Torao trying to make her into a proper Fire maiden.

Ichiro muttered a curse and dug his writing kit out of his bag. Perhaps his two younger sisters, Yui and Torako, would have suggestions for him. And maybe they'd speak to Mother about Daimyo Torao's hints.

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