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Story: Shadow of the Moon
Title: Shadow of the Moon
Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Pairing: Jin/Yue
Rating: PG/K+
Word Count: 468
Summary: Jin receives unexpected help when fleeing Ba Sing Se
Notes: Written for the AtLA Land femmeslash challenge; did not place

driven by a world gone mad
she took flight

Jin didn't stop running unto she had nearly reached the Great Outer Wall. Exhausted, she fell to her hands and knees, breathing hard.

How could this have happened? Ba Sing Se was safe.

Jin had tried to tough it out, but her gold eyes had marked her as surely as firebending might. Pao hadn't cared, still didn't care (she had been a steady customer at his tea house since she was ten), but others in the Lower Ring were taking notice. On top of that, more than a few Fire Nation soldiers were expressing interest in her.

She decided to leave rather than take the chance something bad might happen.

When she caught her breath again, she started to get up — and spied lights in the distance. She pressed herself flat against the ground, eyes wide. If she was caught out here after curfew…

The night around her grew even darker; a cloud had covered the moon. From the corner of her eye, Jin saw something shine green. Carefully, she slithered towards the glow, and realised it was coming from a crack in the ground — a manmade one.

The cloud over the moon passed by, and the green light vanished with the full moon's glow. Jin's eyes went wide, and she ran her fingers over the crack. Could it be? She traced the line around a sharp corner, then her fingers slipped into an indent, and she felt wood.

A trap door!

Still moving carefully, lest she be spied, she moved to kneel before the door to try and get it open. With any luck, the light within wouldn't give her away….

Another dark cloud passed over the moon, and this time it dumped rain on the Agrarian Zone. Jin could hear muffled yelps and cursing; a glance over her shoulder saw the lights flare bigger, fighting the sudden downpour. The eyes of the Fire soldiers would be dazzled, and Jin heaved the door open and slipped inside the shelter as quickly as she could.

She was completely drenched, but, she soon saw, she was completely alone.

This shelter seemed to have been dug out as a place of rest for workers in the Agrarian Zone; light-crystals were sunk into the walls and a few pallets lay in the corner of the room.

Grateful for the shelter, Jin stripped out of her sodden overclothes and took her hair out of its braids, wringing the water out of them and spreading them carefully out on the floor to dry.

That done, she curled up on one of the pallets and allowed herself to get some sleep.

In her dreams, a dusky-skinned, white-haired woman embraced her and stroked her hair.

"I will keep you safe, Sun-daughter," the woman whispered.

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