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29th-Dec-2020 04:36 pm
rinoa- a beauty

Wayward travelers,

I welcome you all to "Wonderland", the magical online art journal/portfolio of the Queen of Hearts(Sharlene Thompson)

Here in this world of mythical beasts and lovely maidens, you will see the works created by our Queen for various ideas and in various designs.

She welcomes all to view her world but there are some set rules that must be made!

♥ No Stealing! Please contact the Queen if you wish to use her artworks.
♥ No Drama! Please, the Queen is a peaceful lady.
♥ No Altering these said artworks of her without permission.
♥ If wishing to buy art, please be a serious buyer. (it is very rare that the Queen does commissions)
♥ Please be respectful. (no slander)
♥ Criticisim is welcomed. (but please be be a gentle critic and not a mean spirited one)
♥ Do NOT boss me around.... (I really dislike it when people try to boss me around...)
♥ Friends sometimes disagree but don't try to pick a fight with me. (I am a lover, not a fighter.)
♥ If I cut you for any reason the past, I probably won't add you back. (Sorry but I hate drama)
♥ Simply enjoy yourself!

I thank you for listening to me and I hope you enjoy this world as much as I do.

The White Rabbit.

13th-Jul-2009 04:25 pm
rinoa- a beauty


It's a classic on ff.net: "normal" girl with a name suspiciously close to that of the thirteen-year-old author lives her oh-so-mundane life until she trips and falls and wakes up in KONOHA or HOLLOW BASTION or HOGWARTS where the main characters of the show just happen to be walking by. The newly-displaced girl will be TOTALLY SURPRISED, but gee, you think the ~*~*swirling vortex of doom*~*~ would have been adequate foreshadowing.

Ever wonder what series you would land in if you were faced with a ~*~*swirling vortex of doom*~*~? Lucky for you, this is your chance to find out and write secret self-insert fic again--don't lie, we've all done it and liked it. ♥

Post your username.
Reply to others with which fandom's universe they would fit best in--ELABORATE AS NECESSARY!
Pimp this meme out.


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