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[Oct. 29th, 2008|10:10 pm]
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um hi. i was born in philadelphia and im fiercely loyal so FUCK YEA FUCKIN PHILLIES WON! BROKE THE CURSE AND GAVE ME HOPE. FUCKIN TAMPA DIDNT DESERVE IT ANYWAYS THEIR FANS SUCK SO YEAY FOR US PHILADELPHIA SPORTS FANS, FINALLY A CHAMPIONSHIP. WE'RE THE CRAZIEST EFFING FANS. srry that all you phila-haters are disappointed, :P haha, so cute that they dogpiled at the end. ^.^ i dont care i dont care i dont care. this is awesome. finally some positive spotlight on the city of brotherly love.

on other news, sixers lost, but still, my favorite sport & team since third grade, so fuck it and i cant wait for the next game. :)

[User Picture]From: [info]lighthouse
2008-10-30 03:29 am (UTC)


lol awww yayyy :)))
[User Picture]From: [info]cky
2008-10-30 08:24 pm (UTC)


even though i'm a mets fan... congrats! :)
you're a die hard fan (unlike all of these fucking front runnners!!!! like these chicks who've NEVER wateched a game of baseball in their life are wearing phillies shirts now. like wtf?!?! ugh i hate it.)

but i can tell you actutally have been following them for years so i'm happy for you....... but we'll get ya next year ;P