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The jerk that screwed up predestination [24 Jan 2008|09:28pm]
So yesterday when I was miserable I was thinking about predestined fate and all the things that go with it. I'm not even going into any reasons why I was so gloomy but there was definitely a big one. And I was thinking that a sign or something out of the ordinary happening would be pretty great. So then last night something did happen...completely random and I wasn't expecting it.

I'm not even saying something retarded like "OMG that's sooo awesome!!" or anything. I'm just always in a better mood when things like that happen. When I feel like I'm not just thinking all these things to myself. I guess it's just this religious/spiritual thing that I won't go into. Not because I'm afraid of what people think but because it's one thing I'll never be made to feel that I have to defend myself over.

This thing could end up being nothing, forgotten by tomorrow. But it's still the fact that I was thinking about something out of the ordinary happening and in that same day it did. It's just kind of cool that's all.

Other than that...I got nothing. I finally opened up a bank account. The lady talked me into some premium thing to try for 3 months, and she talked me into buying checks that I didn't want. Damn you Snoopy decorated checks, damn you! And my contacts were killing me ALL day. I'd get the lasik surgery but even knowing that one person who now can't see for the rest of his life because of it...that changes things. My vision is extremely bad but at least contacts and glasses fix it. Once they mess up doing that there's no going back.

P.S. eye drops don't work.
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