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sketch [May. 19th, 2008|12:18 pm]

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Like the rumble of distant thunder [Apr. 22nd, 2008|10:10 am]
I haven’t had an epiphany since I was eight, and that instance in hindsight I attribute to the tunnel vision of the wishful thinker.

Most of my life I have known the crux of any given question, the process was more of resolution rather than revelation, things like the doubts and gut level intuition of any given situation being held in reserve until supporting data tipped the balance, even though resolved as often expected, there is always the probability for the exception.

Desire will often cloud and constrain ones view and often evidence to the contrary will be ignored, in many aspects of life,... Things like fear and hope can easily place blinders on ones periphery, how often has the prospect of love loomed before us and we become lost to the dazzle of it missing the obvious clues that would expose that what in the guise of love, was really but an act of ego.

Many things pass before us and not every mistaken vision is malicious in intent, because it seems with the human condition confusion is the norm ,... Many a drifting spirit will seek handholds to keep them from being swept from that which they hold dear, but life’s currents run deep and strong, few can disregard it’s pull, even though there are those who create the anchor of illusion to convince themselves that they have accomplished that very task.

The choices we make in the way we deal with any particular castle dissolving into the mist are as individual as the witness,... Anger denial, and other distractions give the time to scrabble for new footholds that allow the journey to continue, because the other option is demise, and that is seldom viewed as an option,... forge ahead, perhaps even bearing the broken debris of the past which are carried forward in an unrepentant resolve to hold on to the work of the past, and in defense of this sometimes the odd bits that seem useless to others could very well become the means to the next summit.

For me I embrace the current and hold no vision to it’s purpose or objective,... The flotsam and jetsam of past loves and endeavors travel with me,... I embraced the chaos of this river long ago, and whether it carries me to a greater sea, or dumps into an endless abyss matters not,... The imminent before me will color the light of my days like the reflected light from a brilliant flower,... Like the doppler shift from distant stars, outline the darkness of the shadows of night, I will take that which is available and bask in it’s treasure.

Fear and avarice are banished from me, for in them I have beheld the weight that draws one to the bottom of the rift, the current still flows, but the sharp edges of random obstacles threaten every passing tide.

That all answers are before me I duly distrust, for in the realm of learning the one evident truth is that the more one knows the more unknown is yet revealed.
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Adrenaline [Mar. 22nd, 2008|10:02 am]
The sun is out, it was supposed to be rainy and gray,..

My heart is still rushing and my ears ring,.. almost an hour of driving speakers from the guitar amp still pulse in my veins.
A moment of life when things are at their peak.

Like the crack of thunder in the forest when trapped out in a raging summer rain.

The roar of a barroom brawl when you know that you’ll be one of the last standing.

The vista of the climb as you are driving yourself deep into the soft vessel of a lover and the distinct hyper-venting of her peak feeds your own arc of passion

The rush of life, the sounds, smells and vision that makes life more than surviving.

Life, like the muse feeding the creative beast,....
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Consumed [Mar. 9th, 2008|09:04 am]
Wings of radiant light

Drawn in a breath
The soaring passion of flight


To embrace the sun
Chance to try

Victory dance
Fulfillment’s cry


What is sanctuary
Hide from the light
Promise unfilled
Ripe bounty abeyant

Dying embers
In the crystal night


To huddle in harbor
To never know
How far
How high
Obtusely blissful

Heart released
Passion can flow


Demise immanent
Safety a veil
On wings
Or ashes

Truly free
The winds we sail
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Dominance [Feb. 17th, 2008|02:36 pm]

I’ve always been attracted to powerful women,... Power manifests in many ways, and is often as individual as the person from whence it emanates, but the true measure was how deep and true the force runs, for many it’s a facade they have developed to deal with the world at large and often covers some raging insecurities or self-doubts,..

Power isn’t necessarily displayed as an external trait, I have known many quiet seemingly unimposing women who radiated a aura of dominance and strength.

Real dominance is something that comes from the core and tends to broadcast to those who are attuned to it, like the radiance of the sun, it has aspects that are lost to any who can’t detect and identify it,... this of course precursors the skill to deal with it.

It’s not as clean cut as being "dom" or "sub" because for the most part few people are that clearly defined and one who thinks themselves a certain way can find themselves in a situation that turns the table on their whole perspective,... For good or bad it tends to be a lesson.

The real test is when you find yourself in that altered state and are still filled with the urge to move forward,.. Change that you turn to growth is real power
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"BOOM!!?" [Jan. 30th, 2008|10:15 am]
I like playing the mad scientist sometimes, great realm to explore, I won’t have to trim my hair or shave my forearm in the near future, though I wasn’t contemplating doing the forearm,.. it was just a bonus,... and I’m not thrilled with the lingering burnt hair smell,...

I have the system for making "blue" gas down now I just need to figure out how to better control it, but an occasional explosion does make the day more lively, I’ll get pictures when the process is a bit safer to have a camera around,...
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Awash [Jan. 19th, 2008|12:33 am]
a natural state

No wonder,
only appreciation

No fear,
Just unfettered adoration

Apostate to the agape sway,
fresh i greet the au courant day
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Secret Lair [Jan. 10th, 2008|11:58 am]
Deep in the uncharted mountains

In a secluded laboratory

Where the mechanics of mystery perpetually run

Work a hive of unthinking drones

Their sole purpose,

To serve the whims of their resourceful master

Guided by ancient wisdom

Overseen by their queen, who only answers to the one

It's good to have a place to call home.
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