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information, icons, friends, credit there's something that i cant quite explain... i'm so in love with you. you'll never take that away. and if i said a hundred times before, expect a thousand more. you'll never take that away.
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Valenth Adopted.

click on them to feed them...when it gets level 101 that's when they go to there next stage but my goal is to get them to be at level 500+ so please click on them everyday :D and if you have one them please comment below and i'll feed yours too *grins* and for the ones that don't know what they are i'll be glad to tell...anyway here i go with probably a long paragraph lol :D click on the link above y'all will be seeing these a lot at other places too so sorry if y'all get tired of seeing these every second the names ;D

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public ?????. 3 18, 2008
i need more friends...i dont know why i do these things when i dont get friends but imma add some more people on here...i thought by going to [info]addme i would have alot but im good....i need to add a header on this layout...but the person that did this havent responded yet...(i guess there busy)i might get a different one....but yea....i decided not to write no more until i get atleast 10+ friends i know that sounds dumb but its better then to writing to yourself...if you wanna be my friend just add me on my friends only post.

The Way You Making Me Feel = Micheal Jackson

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Friends Only

Hi my name is Silvette im 17 years old 18 in october black and 1/4 of chinese and indian (found that out in january ) im into kpop, rnb, hip hop, gospel....i love old skool shy but im a cool person when you get to know me im also crazy about boys i do graphic designs(havent did any in awhile)i came here from gj (uniquelayouts) i got more journals too if you wanna know just ask....add me if yall want i got pics of my self under the lj cut tell me what yall think :)....there old though


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