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Community Information

Below is information about the "add me" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:addme (7916)
(no userpics)
Name:add me

[info]addme is an add-me community (duh) for anyone who is in need of new friends on this site. post a few little facts about yourself, maybe what type of music you're into and what bands you're diggin', what movies you watch, what your hobbies are, etc. you know the deal!

no promoting other communities or websites. community promotion is to be taken to [info]promote. as for websites... plug those at your own journal or something. this community is for making new friends, that's it. thank you.

if you're new to scribbld, here are some cool communities you should check out: [info]askhere, [info]blogcrews, [info]conquered, [info]divierto, [info]fontaddicts, [info]girltalk, [info]honorcup, [info]promote, [info]randomquestion, [info]resourced, [info]upload, [info]sextalk.

if you would like your community to be listed here, please send a pm to [info]boobie.

Interests:6: add, add me, friend, friends, friendship, new friends
Maintainers:1: boobie
Members:436: 115, _bden_, alexevans, amoeba, amok, amor, amourfully, anonlulz, anotherday, anthem, anti_hope, aprill, aquarhapsody, aries, armcandy, arrested, ashbella, ashhbobashh, asshat, atelier, audacity, autopsyfear, avada, azalea, baka, banhart, bbycakes18, beast, beckymarie, bella_virg0, bender, besani, bigbang, bigblack, bitten, blessing, blissfully, bloodleaf, blooms, blueisland, blunts, bluntz, bmw, bohemian, bond, boners, boobie, bootyshorts, breakthehatter, brena, briezybug, british, bury, cali, cannibal, carlin, celebrate, cericeglow, charlevoix, charmbracelet, chemical, cherish, child_of_heaven, chimera, chuckles, ciel, citybella, cityofevil, clearing, clubs, cocky, codyfallsforth, coherent, colorisgone, comingforth, comrades, coroner, coupe, coutured, craigeryowens, crazypanda, cryptozoology, cupcakin, dainty, dandi, danicalifornia, daydreams, days, dcma, deathsentence, decapitation, decembersnow, dedicate, demure, desiired, devote, devoured, devours, diaochan, disneycouturre, distilledcharm, ditte, djdanger, dollface, dollfaced, dolls, draw, drinks, driveshaft, drugs, druid, duck, edward, eerie, eevee, eeyore, effy, elit, endearing, endlessnameless, eraaxel, erzulie, etudes, ex_grave823, faithheartsoul, fall, fantasy, fap, fatalhearts, februaryair, feline, fiasco, flicka, florence, flygirl_, forevertsk, forthwritten, fortunestar, foxxy, franziska, freshwater, frozen_rose, galactica, gandalf, ghostteyes, ginabites, girlafraid, glamorousqueen, goose, grand, grindcore, grouphugs, grumpiebear, gutterslut, haight, hametsu, harlock, headlines, headspin, heartarcade, heartfelt, highfashion, hilary, himemiya, hisokaomi, hitler, holdyourstage, hollywoods, hookah, horror, hotspur, hugs, hummingbirds, iamobscene, icedchai, immoral, incandescente, insomniac, inviting, it, itsfadibetch, jaxie, jeffro, jellybones, jellyfish, jerks, jossversejunky, joylaff, joyrides, jray, juggy, junemeatcleaver, kadaj, kazuya, kickflip, killmedead, kirie, kissys, kites, kitty, kratos, kristopher, laceandcream, laci, ladyfresh, lambie, langers, lascivious, latedrives, laurengottlieb, lavenders, lawliet, lawrencegordon, leiko, liable, lickthepavement, lighthouse, lilwayne, littlemonster, loh, lolly, losthighway, lothlorien, loveable, loveaddict, lovehoodies, lover, lullaby, lumberjack, lungs, luring_hearts, lyserg, maggie, majesty, manderr, mannequins, maps, masuimi, maxbemis, megz, mei, mel, melancholy, melrose, memorysketch, midnight, mightyheart, miharu, mira, mirasango, monkers, moon_river, moonagereverie, moonrise, morgan, morning, morocco, msbossy, munster, musicable, mysterieux, nejjeh, neku, nhl, nice, nicotine, notjustapuppet, ohcupcake, onedaymore, oneliners, oopsies, outspoken, over, owsley, oxycontin, pance, panicked, party, peacesign, peanut, perpetual, philosophy, phonemyheart, pixie_dust, plastic, playdate, pocahontas, porcelain_sky, postlapsaria, prehistoric, prinzessin, promiscuous, pualani, punkgoesblog, pure, quietus, quirked, rainbowpills, rambo, razorback, realhorrorshow, rebmalee, regret, religion, replica_of_me, rest, retrouvailles, reveille, riotnine, rosedawson, rue_crow, ruin, rum, ryuuichi, sabbath, sanctified, satine, saturday, scholar, schrei, schuylar, seahorses, seaponies, seductive, seren, serotonin, serpent, sex_pancake, sexandcandy, sexpanther, sexuality, shades, shawnee, shinimegami, shoreline, show, sick, siriuslysnape, skye, slackkerr, sleepersawake, sleepless, slutfuck, smellofautumn, smile, smoke, snowtragic, somebunni, sonetlumiere, songbird, sonyaann, sotrees, spark, sparks, spencerjsmith, spiprimeunited, starstrukk, steadierfooting, strip, stxr, superherogirl, supromote, surfers, surfs, sweetpea__, sync, tainted, takemeaway, tanning, tastygreenmint, teal, teazombie, telescopes, tenderness, theatres, thekooks, thesecondperson, thestorysofar, thevinylrevolt, thisismatt, thorazine, throwingpunches, tilt, timestops, tingles, tinyvegan, titjobs, tlanti, tragus, trashy, trask, twisted, tyciol, uhoh, undeadrebel, unicorn, untamed_night, utena, val0, valcion, vanish, velociraptor, verbaltea, viored, virus, vulgarlips, waif, walk, wall, water, whannell, wheels, why, withbirdswefly, witwicky, wolf, wonder9913, wordlust, xkangaroox, xoxoies, year3000, yellowsubmarine, youcanbreathe, yourcall, zeppelined, zombeh
Account type:Early Adopter

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