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User:girlafraid (28029)
love is just a dialogue
[you can't survive on ice cream]
Interests:71: aj styles, angel, animal rights, atheism, babyshambles, black books, blur, books, brand new, bret hart, bruce springsteen, buffy, capes, carl barat, concerts, converse, cooking, cupcakes, dee plume, dirty pretty things, dollhouse, dylan moran, fashion, feminism, film, firefly, france, french and saunders, graham linehan, guitar, harry potter, history, joni mitchell, julian barratt, kate winslet, kurt angle, literary criticism, literature, marauders, marlowe, mixtapes, music, mwpp, noel fielding, oscar wilde, pete doherty, peter and carlos, philosophy, pj harvey, poetry, radiohead, reading, remus/sirius, richard ayoade, robots in disguise, shakespeare, shoes, sue denim, the it crowd, the libertines, the mighty boosh, the mythical suenicorn, the rock, tina fey, tna, tom waits, top gear, veganism, virginia woolf, wrestling, writing
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Communities5:above, addme, books, madeofwin, upload
Member of:5: above, addme, books, madeofwin, upload
Account type:Early Free User

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