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User:jimmy (2)
jimmy's journal
thoughts from your systems administrator...
Bio:My name is Jimmy and I own Scribbld.com along with [info]morgan.

You may view my photography here and on Flickr. You can see my videos here on Vimeo.

I love to play xBox so feel free to add me as a friend!

Memories5 entries
Interests:37: afi, anime, apple, army, blink 182, breathe carolina, canon, cops, dogs, equestrian, equine, gentoo, german shepherd dogs, guns, horseback riding, horses, iphone, ipod, japan, linux, mac, mac os x, manga, military, mitsubishi, mitsubishi lancer evolution, mountain biking, music, nintendo wii, photography, playstation 3, skateboarding, snowboarding, texas, vermont, video games, xbox 360
Schools:Harwood Union High School - Duxbury, VT (1998 - 2004)
Wentworth Institute of Technology - Boston, MA (2004)
University of Vermont - Burlington, VT (2009)
Mutual Friends:13: cisco_ccna, dandi, diaochan, emilie, jimmyuvm, kirie, lawton_anime, memorably, morgan, raf, starstrukk, subflavor, tankgirl
Account type:Permanent Account, previously an Early Adopter

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