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User:subflavor (18852)
oh, to be.
Name:succeed at all costs.
Location:Boonton, New Jersey, United States
Bio:Oh, so I guess you found me.

Work hard. Study hard. Grow up fast. Die young. Sacrifice your youth.

Succeed at all costs.

Boom, bang bang- and beep beep baby. ♥

Interests:13: (fuck you), die young, do you like bass?, funky beats, grow up fast, i have a question, i'm the master, just one, sacrifice your youth, she's never been there, study hard, succeed at all costs, work hard
Schools:None listed
People9:dandi, headspin, hitler, jimmy, news, prettyxpet, rambo, sexy, system
Communities3:drugtalk, justice_league, scribbld_top5
Mutual Friends:4: dandi, hitler, jimmy, prettyxpet
Also Friend of:3: 61_keys_to_play, beliefs, cherryboomstick
Member of:3: drugtalk, justice_league, scribbld_top5
Account type:Early Free User

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