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Community Information

Below is information about the "THE JUSTICE LEAGUE." community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:justice_league (22431)
(no userpics)
Website:members page.
About:currently: auto-accepting

Welcome! You've just came across, yet again, another rating community. Things here are different. We've decided to give a little more fresh and creative taste to Scribbld. Here at [info]justice_league, we like to keep things original rather than copying ideas off other communities. But, to maintain the rating community concept, we have to stick with the basic requirements which you will find below. If you have a weak esteem or an easily bruised ego, perhaps consider joining elsewhere. We aren't wholly bitches, but we do not have smiles and rainbows shooting out of our asses.
Only a few simple rules we expect you to follow, for the internets' sake.

1. Don't be a douche.
2. Please refrain from commenting back to every vote you get. It's annoying and you'll sound like a tool anyways.
3. Fill out the entire application! (FYI: It's not long) Also, you must choose a superhero from the justice league. We have a list of names to choose from, not including a picture since [info]rocketpower will pick yours out for you, so if you need help choosing one click here and pick.


1. We have no inactivity cuts, but we will not hesitate to kick you out for not being active. We're not demanding you partake in every activity provided with, but voting and dueling/power battling is notably appreciated.
2. E-dramaz is always fun, but withhold from making yourself look like a twit. That just makes us, and of course you, look bad.
3. Rate applicants with yes/no/sway.

duels & power battles
duel; a combat between two persons, usually fought to settle a point of honor.
power battle; a war in which you kick the others ass out of the community.

Sounds fun, yes?
All duel and battling rules are explained here! If you have any questions, ask them there as well. Please read before dueling or power battling a member.

Every week a theme, meaning a motif or discussion, will be posted here. We will not start a theme till we have atleast 10 to 15 members. Any suggestions for a theme are welcome to be posted in the community and will considered or likely used.
leaders of [info]justice_league

Huntress & Wonder Woman.
([info]morgue & [info]rocketpower)
we're the bad bitches up in this joint lulz.
respect us, bro.
Would you like to be sisters with us? Please do not make a post in the community, we do not allow promos, but you may comment here with your community name if you'd like.
Interests:1: icecream
Maintainers:2: jlmod, rocketpower
Members:5: annalalax, jlmod, rocketpower, rubbish, subflavor
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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